Sweetwater Friday Update for Saturday November 13th Farmers Market

Sweetwater Local Foods Market

Saturday, November 13th, 2021
10:00am to 11:00am
Mercy Health Lakes Village
6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd.

Friday Update for Walk Ins!
First, a couple of dates to remember: Sweetwater will be CLOSED the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 27th, and also Christmas Day & New Years Day both fall on Saturday so we will be closed for those two days as well.

For those new to Sweetwater, this newsletter is a list of all vendors who will be attending the market on this date. Their products & prices and contact info are listed so that you can place a preorder with them. It also gives you a chance to start making your shopping list early in the week. On Friday we put out an updated version with items added to the list that will be available for walk up purchasing.

To remind everyone about what is unique about Sweetwater, here is a link to the Sweetwater Pledge to Our Customers. This Pledge is signed by all vendors, and we stand behind it. http://www.sweetwaterlocalfoodsmarket.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-final-sweetwater-pledge-to-customers-update.pdf

As always, if your time on Saturday is precious we won’t waste any of it! Shopping for the best in fresh, local & organic foods for your family is as easy as contacting the vendors with your pre-orders and stopping by the market on Saturday from 10am to 11am to pick it up! Of course, if you like to linger we’ll have plenty of things to buy without a preorder, so come on by!
Vendors attending Saturday November 13th:

Blackbird Farm of Coopersville
This Saturday we will be delighted to serve up for you all manner of fall vegetable deliciousness. (Please note that the following items are for walk-up sales only.)
We should be bringing:
fire cider kits: Fire cider is an easily made tonic that is said to boost one’s immune system. Ingredients such as garlic, ginger, hot peppers, and horseradish are steeped in apple cider vinegar and then sweetened with honey. We have assembled kits, plus instructions, that will include all you will need to make your own, with ingredients grown here at Blackbird Farms, plus some locally-sourced apple cider vinegar.
ginger, fresh and local from our own hoophouse
kale, red and green curly
head lettuce
bok choi
Brussels sprouts
broccoli, some of the finest we’ve grown this season
cabbages, midsize
green peppers, the last of the season
daikon radishes
black spanish radishes
watermelon radishes
onions, red and yellow
“Music” garlic
and our exclusive family heirloom garlic
Looking forward to seeing friends old and new this Saturday morning!
Greg & Crew
Blackbird Farm

Laughing Tree Bakery of Hart
If you forgot to get a preorder in by Tuesday we will have a small selection of breads & pastries available for walk up sales.
Hilde and Charlie Muller
Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery
Find us on facebook and Instagram

Nova Bakery of Muskegon
If you didn’t get a preorder in there will be a nice selection of confections available for walk up sales Saturday.
-Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie $3:  72% dark chocolate chunks, organic oats with crisp outer edge and chewy center
-Pecan Dandie $2: tender shortbread packed with organic pecans
-Buckwheat Bars $4: chewy brownie, crunchy organic buckwheat, perfect treat!
-Hazelnut Biscotti $6: whole and ground organic hazelnuts give this a more delicate crunch and amazing flavor!  Dipped in 72% dark chocolate!
-NEW: Apricot/Pistachio Snack $5: Organic dried apricots dipped in 72% chocolate and coated in salted ground pistachios-great on a cheese board or an afternoon snack! (also DF)
-Apple Pie Clouds (what I call marshmallows!): Local maple, Organic apple and ginger juice and a hint of spice! (also DF)
-Chai-Spiced clouds dipped in chocolate (on a stick!)  $2: These are so fun to eat or stir into your coffee in the morning!  Hints or cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom
-Buttercrunch Toffee $6: 4 ingredient magic!!  Thin layer of organic toffee coated in 72% dark chocolate
-Chocolate-Coated Pepita Brittle $6: organic pepitas toasted and coated in a local honey brittle and 72% dark chocolate
72% dark chocolate with inclusions: (small $3/large $6-please specify size!):
-Toasted Seeds-organic pumpkin, hemp, sunflower and sesame seeds (also DF)
-Mango Chili Lime (also dairy free)
-Breakfast: granola, raspberry and yogurt crispies
-Toasted Organic Hazelnut (also dairy free)
-Candied Organic House-made Ginger (also dairy free)
-Peanut Butter (also DF)
-(Single Origin) Milk Chocolate
-(Single Origin) 88% Dark Chocolate
I accept Venmo, cash, check and all credit/debit cards.
Please let me know if you have any special requests or questions!
Email: addy@novasupernaturalbakery.com
Phone: 614-216-2546
Thanks and Happy November!

Liberty Family Farm & Bakery of Hart
Preorders accepted until 1:00pm Friday. Orders for Baked Goods need to be in by 1:00pm Thursday; however we will bring some of the extras for walk in sales.
We have Hackert Farms Certified Organic Cortland Apples!
1/2 peck $7.00
1 peck $12.00
ORDER YOUR THANKSGIVING TURKEY TODAY! average weight 15-22, some will be less than 15, and some will be  over 25 lbs. $6.25 per lb. These are fed Non-Gmo feed and raised on fresh pasture.  The feed prices have gone up in price considerably, which is reflected in the price.  Thanks!
FARM FRESH EGGS! $5.00 per dozen
Leeks $4.00 Bunch
Red Norland Potatoes $5.00 per bag
Winterbor Kale $5.00
Laccinato Kale $5.00
Whole Chicken $5.00 per lb avg weight 5-7 lbs
Breasts $10.25 lb avg. weight per pkg 1-1.5 lbs
Thighs $6.00/lb
Drumsticks $5.75/lb
Wings $5.75/lb
Broth Pack $4.00
Livers $5.00
PASTURED TURKEY – Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey now!!
Garlic Basil Sausage $7.00/lb
Turkey Drumsticks $5.00/lb
Wings $5.00/lb
New! Nitrate Free Bacon $10.00 per lb limited supply
New! Ground Pork 1 lb pkg $6.00
Pork Chops $8.00/lb
Pork Roasts $8.00 lb
Ribs $8.00/lb
Nitrate Free Ham Slices $8.50/lb
Nitrate Free Ham Hocks $6.00 lb
Italian Brats $9.00/lb
New! English Muffins $5.00
New! Apple Cinnamon Bread $4.00
New! Crumb Top Pear Pie $14.00
Spinach & Cheddar Quiche $14.00
Apple Pie with a crust on top! $18.00 made with delicious Ida Red Apples
Apple Galette (8″) $8.00
Raspberry Muffins $3.00 made with our very own raspberries.
Apple Crumb Top Pie $15.00 GF $18.00
Pumpkin Maple Bread $8.00 small $4.00
Classic Banana Bread $8.00 small $4.00
Pumpkin Donuts or Regular Baked Donuts  $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00
Breakfast Cookies $3.00 each
Pizza Crusts $5.00 (4 pack)
We will bring extra meat, eggs, and any extra baked goods to market.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the market! Please send order via email libertyff@gmail.com or liberty@protonmail.com and we will send an invoice on Friday evening through email.  Feel free to pay with cash on Saturday. Please email if you do not get a confirmation within 24 hours. Thank you very much!
The Wrights
Liberty Family Farm

Scholl Farms of Montague
NEW TIME & EGG LIMITS in effect!
Order deadline: Orders will be accepted until Thursday 6pm.
Order limits: With production slowing down, I have to limit each customer to no more than 1 dozen per customer.
EGGS (chicken): $5/doz.
For preorder or walk up sales on Saturday:
POTATOES: $2/lb. Varieties include: Butterball, Corolla, Purple, Adirondack
Red (pink inside), and Austrian Crescents.
SQUASH: $3 each. Varieties: Delicata and Acorn
LARGE DECORATIVE SQUASH: (some edible) $5 and up. Variety of colors: pink, orange (with and without warts), green, white, and multicolored. Call for more information; size, color and pricing.
PUMPKINS: Munchkin (fist size with ribs) $.50 each, Pie Pumpkins $3 each,
Larger pumpkins available, call for more information.
BROOM CORN: $8/shock (tied bundle of stalks). State height desired.
DRESSED BROILERS (frozen whole): $5.50/lb. (5-7 lbs) state approx. size
desired. These birds are cool (frozen) and patiently waiting for a warm oven at your home.
Place orders via voice message at (231) 893-1311. Leave your name, phone number and speak slow and clear.
Make checks payable to STU SCHOLL
Thanks So Much,
Stu and Connie

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
We will accept orders until 5pm on Friday. I will plan to get totals emailed out by 9:00pm.  If you don’t get a response from me, please contact me. We accept cash or check payable to Pine Row Farm.
100% grass fed beef:
NY strip steaks $13.75/#
Brisket $8/#
Arm roasts $7.50/#
English roasts $7.50/#
Chuck roasts $7.50/#
Ground sirloin $10/#
Ground round $7/#
Ground beef $6.50/#
Short ribs $6.50/#
Shank $5/#
Suet $1/#
We also sell by halves and quarters!
We have the following honey:
Plastic squeeze bottles:
12 oz bear $6
1# raw $8
2# $12
Glass canning jars:
Half pint raw $6
Pint raw $10
Quart raw $16
Old fashioned boiled maple syrup, powered by wood! Glass jars only. Mother Hubbard’s maple syrup: 
Pints $10
Kasza Sugar Bush Maple Syrup 
Glass containers.
Gallons $55
Quarts $16
Our Idaho Pasture Pigs are growing nicely. They are incredibly entertaining as they race around outside. 🙂 We do already have a waiting list for pork halves. Please contact us if you wish to be added.
See you Saturday!
Sarah (and Bill and the kids),

The Pasturage LLC of Montague
Before bacon returns next week, consider making it yourself with our pork belly. We have it fresh (meaning not smoked although it is frozen) and in stock. If you don’t have a smoker, ask for it for Christmas!! Or, vice versa, if you have a person who has everything, consider giving the gift of culinary creativity in the form of an eight pound slab of side pork, skin on, ready for anything your gourmand wants it to be. It’ll bring a smile to your soul.
Available this week:
OUT Breakfast links.  $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
Sweet Italian links.  $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
Bratwurst.  $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
Garlic Bratwurst. $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
OUT Boneless Shoulder Roast.  $8.00lb.  Braise, appraise and rave.  Avg. 3.3
Bone-in Shoulder Roast. $8.00lb. Bone in, avg 2 – 2.75 lb per pkg
Neck Roast.  $8.00lb.  Wine and dine.  Avg 2 lbs per pack.
Sirloin Roast.  $14.00lb.  Melt in your mouth amazing.  1 per pack, boneless, netted, avg. 1.2 lbs per pack.
Bone-in Leg of lamb.  $10.00lb.  Epitome of a roast.  Around 4 lbs each.
Boneless Leg of lamb.  $12.00lb.  Any way you cut it: delicious.  Netted, range 3-4 lbs. per pack.
Shanks, 2″. $10.00lb. Beautiful Osso Bucco. Three 2” pcs ea
Shanks, whole. $10.00lb. 2 whole shanks, avg 1.5 – 1.8 per pkg
Do not be afraid of
OUT Lamb Kidney.  $5.00lb.  2 per pack, avg. 0.3 lbs per pack.
OUT Lamb Tongue. $5.00lb.  Everyone’s favorite… 3 per pack, avg .58
Lamb Heart.  $5.00lb.  Aorta be standard fare.  Avg. 0.6 lbs per pkg.
Lamb Liver. $5.00lb. Conveniently pre-sliced in a reasonable package size. Avg 0.5lb
Cuts of the smaller variety
OUT Loin Chop. $14.00lb. Avg wt .47lbs
OUT Rib Chop. $14.00lb. Tender dollar-coin size bone in. 2 per pkg, avg 0.36 lb
Sirloin Steak. $14.00lb. 1 per pkg, avg .77lb ea
Can’t go wrong freezer stand-by’s
Stew Meat.  $12.00lb. 1lb pkg.
Ground Lamb. $12.00. Makes the best shepherd pie. 1lb tube
Mutton chops.  $13.00lb.  2 per pack, loin chop, bone-in., avg 0.50 lbs per pack.
OUT Mutton Rack, Whole.  $12.00/lb.  Avg. 9 ribs per rack, around 2 lbs per pack, thick layer of fat, and nice flavor because the ewes were hung for two weeks before cutting.
Brats. $10.00ea. Classic recipe. 1lb pkg of 5 links.
OUT Polish sausage.  $10 per lb.  Packages range 1.2-1.9 lbs per package.
Jalapeno Bratwurst.  $10 per lb.  Packages range 1.2-1.9 lbs per package.
Do not be afraid of
Fat Back. $3.00lb.  My favorite for deep frying.
Leaf fat. $5.00lb. Great for flaky pastry. 1.5 – 4lbs per pkg
OUT Ham Hocks, smoked. $6.00lb Two hocks per pkg, range 0.5-1.5#
Hocks, fresh.  $5.00lb. Two per pack, range 1.5-2lbs.
Pork Heart. $5.00lb. One per pkg. .75 – 1.25lb
OUT Pork Kidney. $5.00lb. One or two per pkg. .25 – .75lb
Pork Neck Bones. $4.00lb. Great for stock 8-12 2” pcs, 1.25 – 2lbs
OUT Pork Liver. $5.00lb. Clean flavor.
OUT Trotters (aka pig feet).  $5lb.  Collagen-rich.  Makes you look 10 years younger! 2 per pack.   Avg. 0.75lbs per pack.
Cuts of the smaller variety
Pork Chops. $10.00lb. 3/4″ thick, 4 per pkg. Range 0.5 – 1.5lb
To order:
Text or call 231 288 6112. 
Email thepasturage@gmail.com
Please do so by Friday at 4pm for Sweetwater Local Foods Market pick up.  Otherwise, whenever.
Look for a confirmation via whatever method you contacted me.  Thank you!
To pay:
Cash or check (made out to The Pasturage, LLC) at pick up is preferred.
Or I can do a credit card at pick up.  Or, finally, I can email you an online link to pay via credit card beforehand.
Thank you so much for your patronage.

Funny Farm of Grant
Hello to all our Sweetwater friends! We accept credit cards, cash & checks at market.
If there’s something you really want, text me at 734 945 0720 and we’ll reserve it for you. Please use this for preorders too.
This is the last 2 weeks of market with fresh produce for the Funny Farm. Frost has finished us for the season and the kale is getting small. I have a craft show on Dec 4 at the Old School in Casnovia (9-3). If you’re out and about, stop by, it’s a fun show, Santa and everything. By then we’ll have squash and shallots until they are gone. I will also have crafts, jellies and cutting boards and other wood items for sale. Maybe some baked goods too! If we’re doing preorders, I’ll need a minimum dollar amount of presales to attend both weeks after Thanksgiving. Otherwise orders will be delivered Dec 18. Thanks for all your support this fall. We appreciate all your help and support.
Our offerings this week are:
Cutting boards, several sizes
New item, Bowl cozies, protect your fingers when taking hot bowls to the table. Quilted of 100% cotton fabric and fill so safe for microwave. Lots of colors and prints
Eggs, a few dozen mostly medium size, non-GMO feed and they run all over outside $4dz
Potatoes, Nicola, best flavor, Quart boxes and 2 lb bags available $3 each
Orange carrots $3 lb.
Kale, curly  $3/ .5 lb.
Shallots, Red $2/4 oz.
Winter squash, Acorn 3/4 – 1#
Heirloom Butternut, small $1ea/#
Varieties getting low
Jellies, Elderberry, Wild grape, Blueberry, Apple
All low sugar varieties. $7
Himalayan salt, regular and smoked apricot and hickory $5 reg. and $8 smoked
I’m working on dried items. Coming soon, kale powder, chopped onions and scallions, parsley and shiitake mushroom powders.
Barb & Jim Loe
The Funny Farm

The WOVEN Farm of Muskegon
Below is a list of what I will have for walk up sales this week. See you Saturday!
Collard greens
Tucson kale
Red Russian kale
Dwarf blue Kale
Swiss chard
Cutting celery
Bunching onions
Small red onions
Small yellow onions
Basil microgreens
Parsley microgreens
Lemon basil
Payment methods
Card (square)
Check (made out to Samantha Otto)

Three Speed Coffee of Muskegon
We will return on Nov 20.
Chad & Lori Shepard

J&J Tortilla of Hopkins
We are planning to bring your preordered tortillas to Sweetwater on November 20th!
As soon as you can, please place your orders with us! We will compile orders until Monday, 5pm, November 15th in time for our Tuesday bake, and plan to deliver them on the following Saturday Nov 20.
Please email preorders to us at info@jjtortillas.com .
Organic Bean & Rice Burritos (frozen) $7.00
Taco Seasoning $5.00
OG KAMUT® wheat tortilla 7.2oz 6/$4.50 An ancient wheat.
OG Spelt Tortilla is an ancient grain. 7.2oz 6/$4.50
OG OG Spinach Garlic Wraps 7.2oz 6/$4.00
OG Tomato Basil Wraps 7.2oz 6/$4.00
OG Whole Wheat Tortilla 7.2 & 14.4oz 6/$3.50 & 6/$6.00
OG UNbl White Tortilla 7.2oz & 14.4oz 6/$3.50 & 6/$6.00

Sweetwater Curated Local Foods
We’ll resume taking orders when Naturally Nutty has supply again. If there is something else that we have carried before that interests you, let me know. Contact me at sweetwaterlocalfoods@gmail.com

Forest Finds of Muskegon
Will return soon. In the meantime you can check out the Etsy shop or contact me to arrange pickups.
Check out the Etsy shop at
Etsy.com/shop/forestfindslove  or contact me at ForestFinds@yahoo.com
Call or text 616-834-3233

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia
We will be back November 20th

Shady Side Farm
We will plan on attending Sweetwater next on Saturday December 18th. Until then you can find us on Saturdays 9-1 at the Holland Farmers Market, or at the Kerstmarkt (for dates/times see https://kerstmarkt.wordpress.com/about/). You can also come to the farm shop on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-4 pm or by appointment. We are located at 13275 Blair St, Holland 49424. Feel free to email info@shadysidefarm.net with questions.


1. Look over the list. Each vendor has a unique deadline for when they need to receive your pre-order depending on their product. Send your pre-order by email to each vendor you want to order from, within their required deadlines.
2. Vendors will respond back by no later than Friday before market day with an order confirmation and an invoice that in most cases will allow you to pre-pay for your order. If a vendor is not set up to take payment online they will accept checks (preferred) or cash in a sealed envelope on market day pickup.

If you have not already done so you may want to sign up for the newsletter
to be informed of the pre-order schedule for the next market.
If you have questions about info in this newsletter
please email them to sweetwaterlocalfoods@gmail.com
We are not able to respond through Tiny Letter