Why Organic Food is Better for You

Most of us were raised on food grown in the Industrial Age of Agriculture. We have been told, since the 1940’s, that Industrial Farming is better: better for the farmer (bigger profits, easier farming), better for the consumer (cheap abundant food) and better for the American Way of Life.

Now, in June of 2009, we are beginning to see that this Industrial Age of Agriculture has very nearly led to the destruction of our planet: chemicals piling up in the soil, the air, the water; rates of cancer and immune system disease is soaring in all age groups; and this cheap food we have become dependant on is starting to turn on us. FDA recalls of food tainted with E Coli, Salmonella, etc are starting to seem commonplace.

On these pages you will find the most current research documenting these problems, and offering a solution: organic agriculture.

From this month’s Mother Earth News comes this:

“researchers have known since the 1940s that yield increases produced by fertilization, irrigation and other environmental means used in industrial farming tend to decrease the concentrations of minerals in those plants. These techniques give growers higher yields, and consumers get less expensive food. But now it appears there’s a hidden long-term cost — lowered food quality. ”

Read the whole article here: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Sustainable-Farming/Nutrient-Decline-Industrial-Farming.aspx