What’s New at Sweetwater March 6th

The sap is running at Olson Farm this weekend!

Sweetwater Local Foods Market

Saturday, March 6th, 9:00am to 1:00pm

Mercy Health Partners/Hackley Health at the Lakes

On Harvey St just 1/2 mile North of Pontaluna Rd.

We are a Bridge Card market

All Vendors Gladly Accept the Bridge Card!

This Week’s Vendors

Olson Farm of Shelby

Stop out to my farm this weekend and see how maple syrup gets made! I am busy tapping trees & boiling this spring’s batch of Taste of Spring Maple Syrup. The Muskegon Chronicle is visiting the farm on Saturday. If you want to come out call me at 231 861 1903 for directions.

Earthly Kneads of Muskegon Bread – 100% Whole Grain Spelt, Seeded Spelt, Peasant Bread, Tuscan Bread, Italian Rosemary, Sweet Vanilla Challah Specials – Energy Bars (small, healthy bars that filled with seeds, fruit, oats, spelt, and sweetened with barley malt syrup and brown rice syrup – VEGAN), Pizza Crusts (just top & bake!), Gouda for What Ales You, Marble Rye (NEW! Special this weekend), Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting, Sticky Buns, Apple Pie Buns (These are GOOD! Homemade apple pie filling and sweetened cream cheese), Cherry Spice Bread Pudding Squares, SB&J (sunflower butter & apricot chardonnay jam) pockets.  We will also have bread pudding kits (Chocolate or Cherry Hazelnut) and stuffing kits (the stuffing kits are 1/2 price!). Scones – Dark Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Lemon, Cranberry Orange Muffins – Blueberry Streusel Surprise, Lemon Poppyseed Cookies – Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies (Vegan, NOT G.F.), Sunflower Butter Cookies (Vegan AND G.F., available in Cinnamon or with GF & Vegan Chocolate Chips), HUGE! Dark Chocolate Chip, Sweet & Salty Cashew Cookies (all oats, no wheat), and more! Granola – Blueberry Hazelnut, Ginger Fig Almond, Cherry Almond, Cranberry Pecan, Apple Pepita, and Totally Nuts, plus Muesli and Gorp Also: We will have our usual assortment of Naturally Nutty Nut Butters and Food for Thought Preserves, Hot Sauces, and Salsa.

Creswick Farms of Ravenna

Handcrafted Sausages and Specialty Meats

Fresh-Aire Pastured Pork

Pork Tenderloin. Pork Chops. Apple Smoked  Bacon. Nitrite-Free. Soup Seasoning Bacon Ends.

Pork Sausages: Garlic Kielbasa. Chorizo. Breakfast sausage, links and 1# bulk pkg. Italian Sausage in 1# bulk pkg.


Old Fashioned Ring-Style Bologna.

Thin-sliced Deli Style Ham.

Grass-fed Beef Round Roast. Flank Steak. Filet Mignon. Gourmet Patties (beef, bacon 3 1/3# patties) Ground Beef Patties (3 1/3# patties).

Pepperoni slices. Thin-sliced & spiced perfectly for pizzas, pasta salads & snacking.

Pastured Poultry Please note: We will be out of fresh frozen chicken until May. Chicken Sausages: Chicken Spinach Feta links.

Lamb Sausages: Moroccan Lamb link sausage.

Soy Free Eggs: Available by pre-order only (see below).

Pre-Orders: Email Chris Bedford at chrisbedford@charter.net by no later than Monday morning  before the next market and he will have it ready for you to pick up on Saturday. For a complete list of products, please see the website: www.CreswickFarms.com

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia

BEEF ~ We  have some quarters of beef for sale.  Email pbobier@voyager.net for details. We will have  beef by the pound and package on Saturday!  Steaks , roasts, ground beef, tongue, soup bones, Liver, heart.  I’ll also have ground beef in 10 + # quantities  (1-2# packages) for $3.50 per lb. Veggies this week ~ Potatoes – Russian Fingerlings (last week!), Russet, Red Norland; yellow and red onions; carrots, celeriac.  Dried herbs. Organic Olive Oil ~ Choose your favorite bottle or try a bulk blended organic oil for sale for $30 in your quart jar. HIGHER GROUNDS COFFEE ~  I’ll be bringing an assortment of 1# bags. A new shipment arrived this week. CHECK OUT OUR BLOG ~  http://www.earthscapefarm.blogspot.com New photos are up!

Hickory Ridge Family Farm

Goose! These freshly processed and frozen geese run between 6 to 9 lbs, and were pastured on grass and supplemented with oats grown on the nearby Earthscape Farm. Duck! Stewing ducks, whole ducks, & boneless skinless duck breast. Frozen. Happy Hill Frozen Turkey & Chicken Turkey Sausage. Breakfast, Italian, Brat & Chorizo. Breakfast & Italian in links or bulk. Turkeys were fed certified organic feed. Pastured turkey: Fed certified organic grain.  Whole turkeys processed the week before Thanksgiving, also: frozen packaged thighs, drumsticks, breast roast, sliced breast, and tenderloin. Pastured chicken: Frozen chicken fed certified organic grains. All cuts—whole, cut up, bone-in and boneless skinless breast, drumsticks, thighs, leg quarters and wings, soup stock, feet, liver, hearts and gizzards. All meats raised on pasture with daily moves. Free-Range Eggs: Large. New from Hickory Ridge! Besides raising pastured poultry, Will raises Shetland sheep and now has beautiful wool in various natural colors for sale by skein. Also his sister Rebecca will bring her hand-knit gloves, mittens & socks. She will also do custom orders. Garlic! $1.00 a head.

Grassfields Farm of Coopersville

Certified Organic raw milk cheeses in the Dutch process tradition. This Week! Gouda, Leyden, Gouda with Dill, Edam (low-fat Gouda), Gouda Spice (garlic & onion), & Lamont Cheddar. HandCrafteds Good for the body & soul!

Bee & Botanical of Spring Lake New! I am introducing a new soap to our certified organic soaps just in time for your Spring plantings, called Rows and Furrows Gardener’s Soap. It’s a clean scented soap with that extra grit from ground apricots and coffee with light sweet orange essential oil for added grease cutting ability. All of our soaps are made with only essential oils, the colors in the soap are from the botanicals used in each recipe, no artificial preservatives and are not animal tested! Herbal bath tea blend of yummy organic botanicals now comes in two sizes; the jar with refillable muslin bags and now also a set of 2 single use bags. Sweet hand made rose bud mini heart share wreaths, pretty to hang on a little girls or baby’s room wall or unique wedding shower gift. Along with our single hand made cards I now also have package sets of 4 hand made cards which are nice to use yourself or also for a hostess gift. Look forward to seeing you at the market!

Brittanie’s Thyme of Cedar Springs NOTE: Thank you to all for your interest in the new products we have been sampling.  These products will be available for purchase starting March 20th! Spring is truly coming and it’s very important to prepare your skin for venturing back out of doors.  Even though indoor winter air is very dry and actually depletes our skin of much needed moisture, once we go outside  we are exposing our skin to the elements of wind, sun and particles/toxins in the air.  Not only is moisturizing critical, so is exfoliating.  To prevent the buildup of dead cells on your skin’s surface, gently exfoliate once a week to stimulate circulation, remove old cells and provide your skin with better ability to breath. Our Organic Almond Oatmeal Scrub is just the solution for gently exfoliating the skin. Ingredients: Organic Oatmeal finely ground – provides protein silica to soften the skin’s surface gently without harsh chemicals and leaves skin feeling satiny to the touch after each treatment. Organic Almonds finely ground – provides scrubbing action to remove surface buildup without harming new skin cells. Simply add a few drops of Organic Citrus Cleanser or water to 1 tablespoon of Organic Almond Oatmeal Scrub  to make a fresh  new scrub each time you use it. Feel the softness immediately after each use  and see the new glow your skin will have!

Imagination to Creation Jewelry of North Muskegon NEW!!! “Strands”…possibly the most versatile jewelry in the world!  “Strands” can be worn several different ways in the front of your body OR down your back to dress up a sundress or plain outfit.  They can also be worn partially in the front and partially in the back.  “Strands” can also be worn as a belt or in an updo.  What a fun and practical piece of jewelry!  Also new this Saturday will be “BeadforLife” necklace sets.  BeadforLife is a non-profit organization providing impoverished Ugandan women and their children the opportunity to rise above poverty by making beads from recycled paper.  I have purchased some of these beads and have mixed them with Gemstones and the like to make pretty spring and summer sets.  Again, this Saturday I will have the last week of the “End of 2009” 50% off jewelry sale with the items on sale not having been shown before.  See you there!!!