Tomato Tasting at Market this Saturday!

Taste an Heirloom this Saturday!

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, August 14th, 9:00am to 1:00pm
Mercy Health Partners/Hackley Health at the Lakes
On Harvey St just 1/2 mile North of Pontaluna Rd.
We are a Bridge Card & Project Fresh market

Summer Revs Into High Gear!

More Heirloom Tomatoes!

New Vendor!

Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery of Hart

Owned and operated by Charlie and Hilde Muller.  We live and bake outside of Hart, Michigan in Elbridge Township in the heart of Oceana County.  Handcrafted, naturally leavened (average 20 hours from start to finish!), and baked in a wood-fired brick oven, this bakery is also Michigan’s only 100% Solar Powered Bakery! Charlie will be on hand this Saturday to talk more about our baking process, and will have plenty of the following breads:

West Michigan Wheat.  An everyday, light wheat bread with a creamy flavor and the subtle sweetness of Michigan red spring wheat $5.00 a loaf.

Hazel Road Rustic:  A moist and chewy 4-grain loaf featuring Michigan-grown wheat, rye, spelt, and barley.  An excellent keeper, we love this bread for big, sturdy sandwiches or as a late night snack slathered with butter and honey.  $5.50 a loaf.

Finn’s Pecan Raisin Pecan:  We are raisin’ our son Finn on Pecan Raisin Pecan…a bread so rich you won’t believe it’s not cake!  No sweeteners added—just a quarter pound each of pecans and raisins in every loaf.  $7.75 a loaf.

Oceana Round:  An Italian classic, this ripping and dipping bread is irresistible with its glossy interior and it’s large, surprising holes.  Yes, we put the holes there on purpose! .  $5.00 a round.

O’Batta:  Made using the same recipe as our Oceana Round, this elongated loaf takes its name from the word “ciabatta”, the Italian word for slipper.  $5.00 a loaf.

Griff’s 8-Grain:  A hearty 8-grain, 3-seed bread named for our big-hearted neighbor Jim Griffin.  This rich, chewy loaf is made with all organic grains and is sweetened with just a touch of West Michigan honey. $6.50 a loaf.

Third Coast Three-Seed:  Take our West Michigan Wheat bread and toss in an ample dose of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and flax seeds and wowsers!  The outcome is an extremely nutty and nuanced loaf that seems to be more than the sum of its parts. $5.50 a round.

Elbridge Parmesan Olive:  The cheese does not stand alone in this loaf!  Generous hunks of mouth-watering parmesan and glorious Kalamata olives in every bite—this sumptuous boule is not for the faint of heart. $8.00 a round.

Please visit our website to read the full descriptions of our breads and to learn more about what we do here at Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery in order to bring you fresh, naturally leavened breads!

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia

Veggies this week ~ Heirloom Tomatoes!  Many varieties, colors, sizes and shapes!  Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes!  Yay!  It’s been a long wait for good ripe homegrown tomatoes.  Sweet Corn – we are picking Tuxedo this week!  Watermelons and Muskmelons! Celery! Sweet Peppers, including red, yellow, purple and green!  Hot Peppers. Eggplant of multiple sizes and shapes  and colors.  Cucumber  slicers and Oriental Suhyo Cross.  Summer squash, carrots,  onions, Beets, Broccoli, Green beans, Cabbage, kale, Swiss chard,  arugula, parsley, dill, rosemary, basil in bunches.  Sunflowers!

We will not have BEEF this week.  Bill and I are out of town at a funeral and it was just too much to pull together.  We will return next Saturday with our great pastured Angus.

Organic Olive Oil ~ SALE! Choose your favorite bottle of labeled oil and get 10% off! Or buy bulk – Armando Mansur from Argentina.

HIGHER GROUNDS COFFEE in 1# bags.  Various types, beans or ground, dark or light roast.

McLaughlin Grows! Urban Farm of Muskegon

This week we have lots of  those killer sweet Sungold, Sunsweet & Black Cherry tomatoes,  Kellogg Beefsteaks, Carmen Sweet Italian peppers, Joe’s Long Cayennes & El jefe Jalepenos. Also:  green & yellow beans, cukes, our kale & collard mix, and Bright Lights chard.

Blueberry Heritage Farms of Holland

Certified Organic blueberries! Brendan LaCroix will return with   “Jersey” blueberries this Saturday!

Maple Moon Farm of Shelby

This week we will have lots of tomatoes and a lot of varieties of them, heirloom and hybrid.  We’ll also be bringing summer squash, cucumbers, leeks, onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, beets, kale, swiss chard, turnip greens, kohlrabi, scallions, eggplant, beans, arugula, basil, and a variety of fresh herbs.

Creswick Farms of Ravenna

Pastured Raised, Antibiotic & Hormone Free, Artisanal Meats
Featured this week!

Deli Ham Slices. Perfect for sandwiches.
German Thuringer Sausage.  Traditional German Brats
Hot Italian Sausage Links. Super on the grill.
Meat Snack Sticks – great for the beach or to eat while traveling.
Flank Steak, Gourmet Patties, Ground Beef Patties.
Available Saturday, August 21st Market
Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin, Hickory Bacon, Apple Bacon.
Garlic Kielbasa Sausage
German Thuringer
Moroccan Lamb Sausage
Chicken Spinach Feta Sausage
Braunschweiger (The World’s Best according to Chris)
Ring Bologna
Deli Ham Slices
Pepperoni Slices
Hot Italian Sausage Links
Breakfast Sausage (Bulk 1 lb. packages + links)
Italian Bulk Sausge (1 lb. packages)
Meat Snack Sticks
Chicago Style Hog Dogs
Soy Free Eggs: A limited number will be available
Important Notice Regarding Pre-Orders: If you pre-order meat you will have to pick it up on Saturday by no later than 12:00 noon or the items will be put back in stock. If you have an emergency and can’t make it you can call the cell phone to reach me before the noon cut-off at 231.670.4817. Thanks! Pre-Orders: Email Chris Bedford at by no later than Monday morning  before the next market and he will have it ready for you to pick up on Saturday. For a complete list of products, please see the website:

Dancing Goat Creamery of Byron Center

This week featuring: Cowslip Creamery Cream Cheese! !

We also make our own hand crafted  soap, Udderly Wonderful, from organic goat’s milk, all natural ingredients, pure food grade oil and pure essential oils. Try this week’s special; Fun With Dick & Jane. This creamy soap has lots of luscious goats milk with peppermint and is streaked with cocoa – ever heard of this much fun in a bar of soap?

From our partners at Little Rooster Breads. Made of only the best organic & on-farm ingredients, we ferment our grains to produce a smooth and tasty bread that we guarantee even the fussiest kid will love! Wild Rice & Onion, Multi-Grain, Whole Wheat & Cinnamon Raisin breads and specialty dinner rolls, hotdog and hamburg buns. Find out more at

Liberty Family Farm of Hart


Heirloom Tomatoes! Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Peacevine Cherry Tomatoes.  From the field-Early Girls, sungold cherry, Glaciers, Early Girl and Goldy Yellow ( a large yellow Heirloom slicer) Bell peppers, banana peppers & poblano peppers. Kale, broccoli, onion braids, lettuce, zucchini & fresh garlic.  EGGS!

MEATS– Fresh Chicken. Leg quarters, split breasts & boneless skinless, livers, wings & whole birds. SOUP STOCK!

GRASS FED LAMB chops, ribs & shanks

Come & Sample Grilled Chicken 10:00- 11:00


Regular, cherry chocolate pecan and chocolate walnut breakfast cookies. Broccoli Cheddar Quiche, Multi-Grain Rolls, Gluten Free Brownies, Granola, Blueberry Galettes & Blueberry pies made with organic blueberries.

Olson Farm of Shelby

Jim Olson will be bringing onions, green beans, Red Norland potatoes and his 2010 batch of Taste of Spring Maple Syrup.

Grassfields Farm of Coopersville

Raw Milk Organic Cheese

Gouda, Gouda w/dill, Gouda w/cumin (Leyden), Edam, Lamont Cheddar,

Hickory Ridge Family Farm
Pastured Poultry. Whole chicken &  cuts including chicken breast & leg quarters, wings, soup stock. Chickens raised on pasture & supplemented with either certified organic feed from Grahams Organic, or non-organic but not GMO feed from a local farm co-op.


Agriculture & Health Alive of Marne

New! Slicing cukes. Perfect size for summer picnics.

Gardeners: If your gardens seem to be lagging both from the heat and mid-summer slump, treat your beds to a side dressing of one of our nutrient boosting garden supplies! We have 3-2-3 and 4-2-4, depending on what your garden needs. See me for more advice.

We will also have our usual assortments of various garden supplements, like Berry Mix, Liquid Fish & Kelp concentrates, Maxicrop, Dry Kelp Meal, Milky spore & Diatomaceous Earth.

From the bookshelf: Ask Mother Nature: A Conscious Gardeners Guide, by Ellen Vandevisse. Or How to Grow More Vegetables, by John Jeavons.

Also: Nantucket Bakery Cinnamon Raisin Bread and other baked goods.

Northern Naturals Cherry Concentrate. Blackstrap molasses, honey & maple syrup.

Earthly Kneads of Muskegon

We are out on a bike marathon this weekend. See you next Saturday!


Good for the body & soul!

Daisy Doodles of Whitehall

I started making Daisy Doodles Artisanal Dog Treats because I want my son’s dog Daisy to have wholesome treats made out of real food. Daisy just loves them, and her friends agree. Daisy Doodles are made using organic ingredients, supporting the local food system and economy, and respecting the earth through responsible packaging and business practices. Find out more at our Facebook page at

Last but not least

If you would like to become a Friend of the Market for a suggested donation of $10.00, which entitles you to a free cup of coffee at every market you attend for a full year, please see me at the market this Saturday! We will also have  Higher Grounds Coffee by the Cup for a suggested donation of $1.00.

Sweetwater is now on Facebook!

Hope to see you at the market!

Diana Jancek
Market Manager