Sweetwater Wednesday Newsletter for June 1st Saturday Farmers Market

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, June 1st, 2024
10:00am to 11:00am
Mercy Health Lakes Village
6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd.
Contact info at end of newsletter
Supporting Small Local Organic Food Producers since 2005!


 As always, preorders are accepted until the cutoff times in each vendor listing. Thanks!

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Vendors attending June 1st:

Funny Farm of Grant
Hello, I’d like to thank everyone who pre-ordered and came to market
this past Saturday! We all appreciated your attendance and hope to see
you all summer. It’s nice to see everyone and the parking is a lot
easier here!
Things have slowed down with the cooler temps and not much sun, but I
hope to have more asparagus, spinach and radishes. I don’t think the
mixed lettuce will be big enough by Saturday to harvest so I will
transplant my lettuce starts and probably have more by the following
week. Your pre-orders have proved to be very helpful in knowing what to
bring to market, thank you so much for those. They are welcome info for
market. Please text me at 734 945 0720 and I will respond with the
availability of product. Thanks again for your support.
Asparagus, nearing the end
Spinach, maybe will be big enough to harvest
French Breakfast radishes, crispy and spicy, not hot
Jellies, all low-sugar varieties Elderberry, Wild grape, Kiwi, Crab
apple -Kiwi, Apple, Blueberry
MAYBE list
Hascap blueberries, early to ripen, tart-sweet flavor, also known as
734 945 0720.
Barb Loe
Funny Farm

Liberty Family Farm & Bakery of Hart
You can place preorders from the list below until  Saturday morning!
Rhubarb $4.00 bundle
Nitrate Free Ham Slices $9.00/lb
Nitrate Free Hocks $7.00/lb
Pork Chops $9.00/lb Nitrate free Bacon $ 12.00/lb
Nitrate free Ham slices $ 8.00/lb
Breakfast Patties $ 10.00/lb
Italian Bulk Sausage $10.00/lb
Maple Sage Bulk Breakfast $10.00/lb
Garlic Basil Bulk $10.00/lb
Ground Pork $8.00/lb
Pork chops $8.00/lb
Pork Roast $ 8.00/lb
100% Grass-fed Beef
Our beef is raised on our farm, rotationally grazed, and 100% grass-fed. No Antibiotics, No Hormones ever!
Porterhouse Steak2/pkg $18.00/lb
T-Bone Steaks 2/pkg$18.00/lb
Rib-eye Steaks 2/pkg$20.00/lb
Roasts $9.00/lbincludes rump, chuck, and arm roasts.
Stew Meat $9.00/lb
Ground Beef $8.00/lb
Fresh Eggs- $5.00 per dozen, NON-gmo feed.
Pastured Poultry
Whole Chickens– $ 6.50/lb average wt. Is 4-6 lbs.
Breasts- $12.25 /lb
Thighs- $8.00/lb
Wings- $6.00/lb
Broth Packs- $6.00
Bakery Items made fresh for you!
Rhubarb Custard Pie $20.00 made with our fresh Rhubarb
Asparagus Galette $10 made with organic asparagus. 8”.
Asparagus Quiche $18.00
Sourdough Rhubarb Scones $3.00 ea
Sourdough Croissants $2.00 each
Sourdough Organic white wheat  Country Bread $8.00 round loaf
Chocolate Chip Sourdough Scones 4pack $8.00
Sourdough Bagels Plain, and Seeded! 4 pack for$6.00Spinach & Cheddar Quiche made with Organic ingredients! $15.00
Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche made with Organic ingredients $15.00
Quiche can be ordered gluten-free.
Classic Banana Bread- $8.00/Large
Organic Pizza Crusts (4pk)- $5.00
Organic Apple Galette- $8.00 7-inch round
We look forward to hearing from you!
Please email orders to-  libertyff@gmail.com
Questions- 231-873-3737
~ Andy & Dennise

Pine Row Farm
Hello :-),
All of our poultry is free range, locked in nightly, and has certified organic feed.
Please return your empty cartons. Thanks!
Chicken eggs are $6/dozen. 
Duck eggs are $10/dozen.
100% grass fed beef:
Prices listed are per pound. Orders are filled in the order we receive them.
Ground beef $7.25
Burger patties $8.25 (1/3# target weight, 4/pack)
Ground round, vacuum sealed $8.25
Ground sirloin, vacuum sealed $12.00
Sale! Short ribs, for moist cooking methods. $4.00
Ribeye $18
Chuck and arm roasts $8.50
Shank $5.25
Stew meat $9.00
Soup bones $2.25
Suet $1.25
Ground specials: save 25 cents a pound on 25 pounds or more, and 50 cents a pound on 50 pounds or more. Sale is available on ground round and ground sirloin while sufficient quantities are available. Preorder only.
We sell by halves and quarters. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the waiting list.
Plastic squeeze bottles:
1# raw $8
2# $12
Glass canning jars:
Pint raw $10
Quart raw $16
1# block $10
Tiny block $1.50
Maple syrup 
Old fashioned boiled maple syrup, powered by wood! Glass jars only. Mother Hubbard’s maple syrup: 
Pints $10
Quarts $20
Kasza Sugar Bush Maple Syrup 
Glass containers.
Quarts $20
Gallons $55
We will accept orders until 5pm on Friday. I will try to get totals emailed out by 9:30pm on Friday. If you don’t get a response from me, please contact me. We accept cash or check payable to Pine Row Farm.
See you Saturday!

The Pasturage of Montague
Have you tried our Lamb Gyro Brats or Lamb Hot Dogs yet? Check out all our offerings at https://ThePasturage.com/order including lamb and pork sausage and steaks. Thanks!

Mannor Farm of Hesperia
We have a limited quantity of USDA Organic garden seeds available at our online store for ordering and delivery now.    These seeds are from High Mowing Seeds and packed for the 2024 growing season.  $3.50 per pack ($3.75 normal retail).
We have a few bundles of USDA Organic  Redwing onion plants left. These are the same plants that we are growing for the markets and they are doing great.  A bundle has about 60-70 plants.  $10.00 per bundle.  2 bundles for $15.00  $7.50 per bundle  THIS WEEK WILL BE LAST TIME THEY WILL BE OFFERED FOR THIS YEAR.
Certified Naturally Grown Eggs  Our hens are fed a 100% organic diet.   Our eggs are collected daily, are clean but not washed, and are packed in new unused paper cartons.  Large Eggs $3.00 per dozen.  4 dozen for $10.00   LAST WEEK FOR THE SPECIAL PRICING.
Certified Naturally Grown Chicken Raised on a 100% organic diet.  This batch is White Rangers.  VERY LIMITED SUPPLY
Whole Chicken  Average 5.25 lbs  $6.00 per LB  $5.00 per LB
Boneless Skinless Breast  2 per pack Average 1.36 lbs  $9.00 per LB
Wings  6 per pack  Average 2.2 lbs  $5.50 per LB
Green Garlic  6 per bunch   $6.00 per BUNCH  This item must be pre-ordered since we harvest it on Friday afternoon so it is super fresh for you.
Garlic Scapes.  We are taking pre-orders for this seasonal gourmet delight.  They will be available for delivery starting mid-June.  $1.00 per ounce  (you get a lot in an ounce).
We accept cash, credit/debit cards as well as SNAP/EBT cards.
Go to Shop at The Mannor Farm  (https://mannorfarm.eatfromfarms.com/shop.php) to place an order.  This site will get your order reserved immediately if the item is in stock.  Orders through this link get priority to emailed or text orders.
We prefer orders be placed through the above link but will take emailed or text orders.   We need an email address or  text phone number to send invoices to.  Email orders to the.mannor.farm@gmail.com or text to 231-301-9894.
Dan & Linda Mannor
The Mannor Farm LLC
5595 E Arthur Road
Hesperia, MI 49421

Blackbird Farm of Coopersville
While we will not be at market this weekend, we look forward to returning soon with lots of delicious vegetables. Watch the Sweetwater newsletter for details. Thanks!

Scholl Farms of Montague
We will return next week, thanks!
Stu and Connie

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia
Returning soon. We are butchering June 12th.  Get your name on the list!  Please let us know if you would  like a quarter cut and processed your special way~
CONTACT: Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421
email earthscapefarm@gmail.com

The Woven Farm
Returning soon.
Cheers to Good Growing!
Samantha Otto
Farmer; Food+Farm Edu
The Woven Trifecta

Other Places to Find Sweetwater Verified Goods

Dirty Roots Healing of Muskegon
See my Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/dirtyrootshealing/ for details. To keep up to date with all my new products, classes and latest news sign up for the Newsletter at my website.
Thanks all for your support!


Shady Side Farm of Holland
We plan to return in fall. Get news, recipes, and alerts from the farm: https://mailchi.mp/ffb92e5e9f09/shadysidefarmsubscribe
Shady Side Farm


Laughing Tree Bakery
You can find us every Saturday at the Muskegon Farmers Market as well as the Grand Haven Health Hutt, now carrying a full array of our pastries as well as bread.


1. Look over the list. Each vendor has a unique deadline for when they need to receive your pre-order depending on their product. Send your pre-order by email to each vendor you want to order from, within their required deadlines.
2. Vendors will respond back by no later than Friday before market day with an order confirmation and an invoice that in most cases will allow you to pre-pay for your order. If a vendor is not set up to take payment online they will accept checks (preferred) or cash on market day pickup.

Contact the market
(231)742-8477 (leave a message).
Email: sweetwaterlocalfoods@gmail.com
If you have not already done so you may want to sign up for the newsletter
to get the market product lists on Monday & Friday.

To remind everyone about what is unique about Sweetwater, here is a link to the Sweetwater Pledge to Our Customers. This Pledge is signed by all vendors, and we stand behind Sweetwater Pledge to Customers