Sweetwater Monday Preorder for Saturday January 20th Farmers Market

Sweetwater Local Foods Market

Saturday, January 20, 2024
10:00am to 11:00am
Mercy Health Lakes Village
6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd.
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Supporting Small Local Organic Food Producers since 2005!
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Open Saturday January 20.
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Let’s try again! At this time the weather forecast is for clouds but no additional snow. We’ll see.

MONDAY PREORDER Whew! That was a long break but this Saturday we’re back with plenty of good local organic food options! Shady Side Farm joins us, Liberty Farm has a good amount of eggs, apples and Bread Bowls for that yummy soup you’re planning to make! Please remember that preorders really matter this time of year!
Thanks, see you at the market!

Vendors Attending Saturday January 20th:

Shady Side Farm of Holland
Shady Side Farm will be at the market this Saturday, 1/20. Pre-orders are appreciated, but I will have some product along for walk-up sales.
Certified organic heirloom dry beans available in 1lb. bags, $12 each:
Amethyst – Creamy texture, slightly fruity flavor
Arikara Yellow – Good flavor, hold shape well, baked beans, soups
Calypso – Slight potato flavor, crumbly texture, good for soups and salads
Creel Crowder Cowpea – Rich, hearty flavor, slightly sweet, soul food or southern dishes
Dapple Grey – Hold shape well, meaty texture, deep flavor, great for soup
Fast Lady Cowpea – Quick cooking, creamy texture, slightly sweet, soul food or southern dishes
Fort Portal Jade – Firm, hold up in cooking, pleasant, earthy flavor
Hutterite Soup – Comfort food, cook fast, creamy soup, baby food
Jacob’s Cattle – Big and meaty, taste like potatoes, traditional baked beans, chili
Jacob’s Cattle Gold – Sturdy, soak up other flavors, soups and stews
Lina Cisco’s Bird Egg – Creamy smooth texture, nutty, sweet flavor, thin skin, soups or chili
Marrow – Creamy bean with a slight taste of bacon, good in soups and white chili
Medley – Random mixture, good in soup
Painted Lady – Slightly sweet, smooth, creamy texture, good all-purpose bean
Painted Pony – Rich and nutty, keeps coloring during cooking
Rouge et Noir Cowpea – earthy flavor, hold shape well, good all purpose cowpea
Spanish Tolosana – Rich and creamy, hold shape well, good for chili, bean salads
Tiger Eye – Creamy smooth texture, rich flavor, tender skin, all-purpose bean
Valentine – Replacement for kidney beans, great for salads, soups and dips
Yellow Indian Woman – Mild, creamy tasting, sturdy, salads or chili
Zebra – Smooth, creamy texture, full-bodied flavor, good all-purpose bean
-I can also bring mini bags of the above beans (6oz. each) that are great for those who are cooking for 1 or 2 people. These are $6 each, but if you buy 4 or more, the price drops to $5 each.
-Beans are also available in bulk with a discount—a 2 lb. bag of any particular bean is $22 and a 5 lb. bag is $50. Please do pre-order bulk or mini bags, otherwise I won’t take them along.
Certified organic non-heirloom dry beans, available in 1 lb. ($8), 2 lb. ($14), or 5 lb. bags ($30):
Black Turtle – Common black bean, great in Mexican dishes
Ground products from our certified organic heritage corn:
Corn Flour, great in muffins, pancakes, waffles, and more – 2 lb.($6) or 4 lb. bags ($10)
Corn Meal, can be used for polenta or in baking – 2 lb. bags ($8)
Coarse Grits, good for grits or polenta – 2 lb. ($8) or 4 lb. bags ($14)
Flour ground locally from our certified organic heritage grain:
Einkorn Flour – 2 lb. ($14), 4 lb. ($24), or 25 lb. bags ($125)
Spelt Flour – 2 lb. ($10), 4 lb. ($16), or 25 lb. bags ($75)
Bran from the grinding of the certified organic heritage grain, available in 8 oz. ($3) or 16 oz. bags ($5). Great for bran muffins (recipe on the back of the bag).
Einkorn Bran
Spelt Bran
Dehulled berries from our certified organic heritage grains:
Einkorn Berries, in 1 lb. ($7), 2 lb. ($12), 5 lb. ($25), or 25 lb. bags ($100)
Spelt Berries, in 1 lb. ($5), 2 lb. ($8), 5 lb. ($15), or 25 lb. bags ($50)
Berries can be ground for flour, added to soups like barley, or soaked and cooked like rice for a hearty whole grain pilaf, an addition to salads, or as a  breakfast cereal.
See you Saturday!
Shady Side Farm
Get news, recipes, and alerts from the farm: https://mailchi.mp/ffb92e5e9f09/shadysidefarmsubscribe

Liberty Family Farm & Bakery of Hart
EGGS! Our ladies are producing a lot! $5.00 a dozen
Certified Organic Spy Apples from Hackert Farms!
1/2 peck $8.00
Peck $15.00
New! Bread Soup Bowls! Made with organic flour, solive oil, year and salt.
Cinnamon Rolls 4 pack $10.00
Buttery Dinner Rolls 8pk  $8.00
Cranberry Crumb bars $4.00
Spinach & Cheddar Quiche $15.00
Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche $15.00
Classic Banana Bread $8.00 small $5.00
Regular Baked Donuts  $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00
plain or glazed donuts.
Pizza Crusts $5.00 (4 pack)
Whole Chicken $6.50 per lb avg weight 5-7 lbs
Breasts $12.25 lb avg. weight per pkg 1-1.5 lbs
Thighs $8.00/lb
Drumsticks $6.00/lb
Wings $6.00/lb
Broth Pack $6.00
Livers $5.00
Pork Chops $9.00/lb
Pork Roasts $10.00 lb
Ribs $9.00/lb
Nitrate Free Ham Slices $9.00/lb
Nitrate Free Ham Hocks $7.00 lb
Italian Brats $10.00/lb
Maple Sage Breakfast sausage 1 lb package $10.00/lb
Italian Sausage bulk 1lb pkg $10.00/lb
Garlic Basil Sausage bulk 1lb pkg $10.00
We will bring extra meat to market.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the market!
Please send order via email libertyff@gmail.com and we will send an invoice on Friday evening through email.  Feel free to pay with cash on Saturday. Please email if you do not get a confirmation within 24 hours. Thank you very much!
The Wrights
Liberty Family Farm

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
Hello :-),
We will accept orders until 5pm on Friday. I will try to get totals emailed out by 9:30pm on Friday. If you don’t get a response from me, please contact me. We accept cash or check payable to Pine Row Farm.
I have milk kefir grains that are growing exponentially. Please let me know if you would like any. They are free to a good home. 😉 I use them to make kefir, frozen yogurts, spreadable herbed cheeses, and cream cheese!
I plan to be at market weekly. Closed market dates are preorders and standing orders only, and I’m there from 10-10:30.
100% grass fed beef:
Prices listed are per pound. Orders are filled in the order we receive them.
Ground beef $7.25
Ground round, vacuum sealed $8.25
Ground sirloin, vacuum sealed $12.00
Burger patties $8.25
Chuck steaks $8.50
Short ribs, regular or Korean cut, $7
Soup bones $2.25
Oxtail $6.25
Heart $4.50
Suet $1.25
Stew meat $8.25
Ground specials: save 25 cents a pound on 25 pounds or more, and 50 cents a pound on 50 pounds or more. Sale is available on ground beef, ground round, and ground sirloin while sufficient quantities are available.
We sell by halves and quarters. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the list for 2024.
All of our poultry is free range, locked in nightly, and has certified organic feed.
Chicken eggs are $6/dozen.
Plastic squeeze bottles:
1# raw $8
2# $12
Glass canning jars:
Pint raw $10
Quart raw $16
1# block $10
New item! Tiny block $1.50
Maple syrup 
Old fashioned boiled maple syrup, powered by wood! Glass jars only. Mother Hubbard’s maple syrup: 
Pints $10
Quarts $20
Kasza Sugar Bush Maple Syrup 
Glass containers.
Quarts $20
Gallons $55
See you Saturday!

Scholl Farms of Montague
We will be at market with our Kennebec, Purple, & Austrian Crescent Fingerlings potatoes.
Thanks So Much,
Stu and Connie

Dirty Roots Healing of Muskegon
New! Winter Glow! Skin care blend of essential oils with Wild Rose & St. John’s Wort.
New! Za’atar Spice! Traditional blend of sumac, sesame, hyssop, thyme & more.
New! Root & Shroom Broth. Reishi, turkey tail, birch polypore, nettles, burdock & astralagus. Add to broth with vegetables for a real health boost!
Order from our new website at: DirtyRootsHealing.com
You can order directly through the site, and choose local pickup at the checkout. I can also take orders through email or phone. Orders are available for pickup at Health Hutt on Henry St, or some other location we agree upon. Signing up for the newsletter via the site will keep you updated with the latest news, classes, and shop updates. Thanks all for your support! Elderberry syrup will be available soon.

The Mannor Farm of Hesperia
If you had an order placed for January 13th, we will bring it on the 20th
We do not feed any conventionally grown non-GMO feed. Conventionally grown non-GMO can be raised with chemical inputs, ie. Round-up, fertilizers, and pesticides.
Rabbit (whole)  Our rabbit is fed meadow grass hay and organic pellets.  About 2-3 lbs –  $9.00 per lb.
Certified Naturally Grown Eggs  Our hens are fed a 100% organic diet.  Eggs are collected daily, are clean unwashed and packaged in new cartons.  $5.50 per dozen.  We have a limited quantity available.
Certified Naturally Grown Chicken Our chicken is processed at 7-10 weeks old and is raised on a 100% organic diet.  The chicken we have on hand will be the last we will have available until mid to late March.
Breast (boneless SKINLESS)  Average 1.25 lbs  –  $10.50 per lb
Legs/drumsticks (6 per pack)  Average 2.16 lbs – $6.00 per lb  (5 packs left)
Wings (6 per pack) Average 1.65 lbs- $5.75 per lb
All dried products are made with our Certified Naturally Grown produce.
Anchor Peppers – Dried Poblano Pepper.  3 oz  resealable pouch $8.00. Limited Quantity
Crushed Hot Pepper Flakes – Blend of our dried hot peppers.  2 oz jar $8.00.
Dried Onion Flakes – Dehydrated red and/or white onions.  These make a great onion soup or dip and are great as a topping on a green bean casserole.  6 oz  resealable pouch $10.00.
We currently are offering CSA  Memberships for 2024.  You can save up to 20% on your purchases from our farm with your CSA Membership. This offer ends January 31, 2024.   Check it out at  Shop at The Mannor Farm
Go to Shop at The Mannor Farm  to place an order.  This site will get your order reserved immediately if the item is in stock.  Orders through this link get priority to emailed or text orders.
We prefer orders be placed through the above link but will take emailed or text orders.   We need an email address or  text phone number to send invoices to.  Email orders to the.mannor.farm@gmail.com or text to 231-301-9894.
Dan & Linda Mannor
The Mannor Farm LLC
5595 E Arthur Rd
Hesperia, MI 49421

The Pasturage of Montague
I am glad to be getting back to market!  We’ll be at Muskegon in our usual stall filled with goodies of the pork, lamb and turkey variety.  Feel free to order for Sweetwater pick up, too.  Avail yourself of The Pasturage pre-order form (www.thepasturage.com/order) to see all the options you have from “warm up the house with lamb shanks in the oven” to bacon for your mac and cheese (it’s winter, according to the forecast, and what better way to up the ante on the classic comfort food), to boneless, skinless turkey breast that makes a killer a la king.  Oh, how I love winter (I can find any excuse to eat).  Tootaloo!  Julie

Note from Laughing Tree Bakery
Sweetwater friends:
Due to our need to streamline our energy, our time as Sweetwater vendors has come to an end. Thank you for all your years of patronage at this market! You can continue to find us every Saturday at the Muskegon Farmers Market (where we have a full array of bread and pastries as well as soup and sandwiches through the winter). You can find our bread at the Grand Haven Health Hutt, the Henry St. Health Hutt, and our pastries can be found at Aldea Coffee in both Muskegon and Grand Haven. Again,
thank you so much for all of your support in our years at Sweetwater.
Please feel free to reach out if you have questions. Hilde@laughingtreebakery.com

Returning Soon
The Woven Farm of Whitehall
Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope that your holidays were filled to the brim with fam, friends, fun… and of course some farm fresh food!
I will be absent from Sweetwater for a few weeks, waiting for a crop of mid-winter greens to arrive.
Our high tunnel is officially up and planted…. and depending on what mother nature throws our way, I suspect my first harvest to happen in early February – prepare yourselves for an abundance of salad greens and spinach!
In the meantime, if you would like to support the farm through the early season purchase of a CSA or Market Card, they are currently live on our website!    https://thewoventrifecta.com/shop/csa-shares 
As we crop plan and purchase seed for this upcoming season, those early season sales are extra appreciated!
Cheers to good growing and have a lovely week!
Sam Otto
Farmer; Food+Farm Edu
The Woven Trifecta

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia
We will return Feb 3rd.
CONTACT: Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421
email earthscapefarm@gmail.com

In Case of Severe Weather: Cancellation Notice
If we need to cancel a market due to severe weather I will send out a separate email no later than Friday evening before a market notifying you that we will be closed. I will post the same message to our FB & Instagram pages as well as the website. If you know people who are regulars to the market and not in the habit of checking emails please let them know. Thanks!
1. Look over the list. Each vendor has a unique deadline for when they need to receive your pre-order depending on their product. Send your pre-order by email to each vendor you want to order from, within their required deadlines.
2. Vendors will respond back by no later than Friday before market day with an order confirmation and an invoice that in most cases will allow you to pre-pay for your order. If a vendor is not set up to take payment online they will accept checks (preferred) or cash on market day pickup.
Contact the market
(231)742-8477 (leave a message).
Email: sweetwaterlocalfoods@gmail.com
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to get the market product lists on Monday & Friday.
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To remind everyone about what is unique about Sweetwater, here is a link to the Sweetwater Pledge to Our Customers. This Pledge is signed by all vendors, and we stand behind Sweetwater Pledge to Customers