Sweetwater Friday Update for Saturday June 11th Farmers Market

Sweetwater Local Foods Market

Saturday, June 11th 2022
10:00am to 11:00am
Mercy Health Lakes Village
6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd.

Friday Update Market Newsletter
Blackbird Farm has spinach, radishes, lettuces & greens for walkup sales Saturday! You still have until 5pm Friday night to get meat, baked good & veggie orders in with Liberty Farm & 100% Grassfed Beef with Pine Row Farm!
Dark Water Coffee Roasters will have extras plus cups of coffee at the market Saturday!
See you at the market!

Update on Fundraiser: We’re SO close to our goal! THANKS SO MUCH to the generous people who have already donated to Bring Water to the Woven Farm fundraiser! Please help us get over the finish line by sharing this link to the GoFundMe, or if you haven’t already, please consider a donation! See end of newsletter for info about the GoFundMe request, and thanks again!
GoFundMe Link: https://gofund.me/c6873fdd

Monday Preorder & Vendors Attending Saturday June 11th:

Scholl Farms of Montague
All of our products are grown organically.
ASPARAGUS!  1.6 lb. bag: Green $5, 1.4 lb. bag Purple $5
RHUBARB: 2 lb. bundle $5
EGGS: Chicken: $6/doz., $15/flat, no limit. Duck: $10/doz.
DRESSED BROILERS: (frozen whole): 7+ lbs. $5.50/lb.
Sweetwater Preorder SPECIAL for Mid-June Broilers–Preorder Price – $5/lb. –
State weight and quantity.
Place all orders via voice message at (231) 893-1311. Leave your name, phone number and speak slow and clear.
Thanks so Much,
Stu and Connie

Blackbird Farms of Coopersville
Friends, what a great pleasure and privilege it is to provide all you good people with delicious and healthful vegetables all season long. The Sweetwater Market is a special place, and Shel, Forrest, and I are looking forward to another wonderful season. Thanks so much for all your encouragement and support.
This week at market we will be bringing:
Our complete line of herb plants.
LAST CALL for vegetable and tomato plants.
beautiful head lettuce, butterhead and looseleaf, red and green
red and white Russian kale
microgreens, arugula, broccoli, and radish
Looking forward to seeing you at market this Saturday!
Greg Dunn
Blackbird Farms LLC

Dark Waters Coffee Roasters of Mears
We will have individual cups of coffee for $3.00 ea and an assortment of our roasted whole bean coffees for walk up sales. Choose among: (all organic & fair trade):
Horsehead Nebula Signature Blend. Roast level-dark
Stargazer Signature Blend. Roast level-medium
Crux. Signature espresso. Roast level-dark
Colombia Roast level-medium
Seven Sisters. Signature Blend. Roast level-dark.
Guatemala Chajul. Roast level-medium.
Decaf Roast level-medium
Mexico Maya Vinic. Chiapas Region roast level-medium
Sumatra Bener Meriah Region. Roast level-medium.
Each 12 oz bag of whole beans is $14.00
Our website:   www.darkwatercoffeeroasters.com
With Gratitude,
Lauren, Tony, Damian, and Neve

Laughing Tree Bakery of Hart
We will have an assortment of breads & pastries for walk up sales on Saturday.
Hilde and Charlie Muller
Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery
Find us on facebook and Instagram

Liberty Family Farm & Bakery of Hart
Fresh Veggies
Red Lettuce $5.00
Green Lettuce $5.00
Kale Mix medium size $5.00
Rhubarb  $5.00 per bunch
Fresh Peony Bouquets $16.00
Mixed Flower Bouquets $12.00
FARM FRESH EGGS! $5.00 per dozen
Whole Chicken $5.50 per lb avg weight 5-7 lbs
Breasts $10.25 lb avg. weight per pkg 1-1.5 lbs
Thighs $7.00/lb
Wings $5.75/lb
Livers $5.00
New Selection of Pork!
Breakfast Links $12.00/lb
Ground Pork $7.00/lb
Ham Slices nitrate free $8.50/lb
Italian brats $10.00/lb
Pork Chops $8.00/lb
Pork Shoulder  Roasts $10.00 lb
Ribs $9.00/lb
Nitrate Free Ham Hocks $7.00 lb
New! Rhubarb custard pie $16.00 This is absolutely delicious! It has an oatmeal crumb topping!! Made with our organic rhubarb.
New! Rhubarb and Strawberry Galette $12.00 made with our own strawberries and rhubarb.
New! Rhubarb Bars $3.00 each
New! Asparagus Galettes $12.00
Spinach & Cheddar GF or Reg. $15.00
Broccoli & Cheddar GF or Reg. $15.00
Raspberry Muffins $4.00 made with our very own raspberries.
Classic Banana Bread $8.00 small $5.00
Ultimate Granola $5.00 bag
Breakfast Cookies $4.00 each
Pizza Crusts $5.00 (4 pack)
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the market! Please send order via email libertyff@gmail.com and we will send an invoice on Friday evening through email.  Feel free to pay with cash on Saturday. Please email if you do not get a confirmation within 24 hours. Thank you very much!
The Wrights
Liberty Family Farm

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
Hello :-),
We will accept orders until 5pm on Friday. I will plan to get totals emailed out by 9:00pm.  If you don’t get a response from me, please contact me. We accept cash or check payable to Pine Row Farm.
100% grass fed beef:
Prices listed are per pound.
T-bone $17
Porterhouse $17
Ribeye $17
NY strip $16.50
Sirloin steak $11.50
Sirloin sizzlers $11.50
Sirloin tip roasts $11.50
Skirt steak $9.25
Hanger steak $10
Round steaks $7.75
Brisket $9
Arm roasts $8.50
Chuck roasts $8.50
English roasts $8.50
Rolled rump roasts $8.50
Shank $5.75
Burger patties (1# average 4/package) $8.25
Ground beef $7.25
Ground round $7.75
Ground sirloin $11.50
Stew meat $8.75
Short ribs $7
Soup bones $2.25
Suet $1.25
We sell by halves and quarters! Please contact us if you are interested.
All of our poultry are free range, locked in nightly, and have certified organic feed.
Chicken eggs: $6/dozen
Duck eggs: $9/dozen
Goose eggs! Our geese are American Buff. $3 each or 2 for $5
We will bring the following honey:
Plastic squeeze bottles:
12 oz bear $6
1# raw $8
2# $12
Glass canning jars:
Pint raw $10
Quart raw $16
Old fashioned boiled maple syrup, powered by wood! Glass jars only. Mother Hubbard’s maple syrup: 
Pints $10
Quarts $16
Kasza Sugar Bush Maple Syrup 
Glass containers.
Quarts $16
Gallons $55
We have a waiting list for pork halves. Please contact us if you wish to be added. Ofelia’s 8 piglets are racing around outside with her.
See you Saturday!
Sarah (and Bill and the kids),

The Pasturage LLC of Montague
Thanks to all that came out this past weekend!  The Pasturage will not be at Sweetwater on June 11, but we will return just in time for Father’s Day on June 18.  Be sure to get your grill-ables then!  In the meantime, peruse our price list found here:

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia
Hello, Sweetwater friends!  We will return on Saturday, June 18th!  We have a restocked freezer!
CONTACT: Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421
email earthscapefarm@gmail.com

Forest Finds of Muskegon
We will return to market on June 18th.
In the meantime check our online menu.
Click here FOREST FINDS-3
to get the whole list of products and how to order. Thanks!
Contact me at ForestFinds@yahoo.com
Call or text 616-834-3233

Shady Side Farm of Holland
We will return soon, in the meantime see below.
Shady Side Farm
Get news, recipes, and alerts from the farm: https://mailchi.mp/ffb92e5e9f09/shadysidefarmsubscribe

Woven Farmstead GoFundMe!

The Woven Farmstead
GoFundMe Link: https://gofund.me/c6873fdd
Bring Water to the Woven Farm!

You can read about Sam’s saga on her Instagram page here https://www.instagram.com/the.woven.trifecta/

Please consider making a donation. If you prefer to send it directly to Sam, here is her address:
Samantha Otto, 7722 Whitehall Rd, Whitehall, MI 49461

1. Look over the list. Each vendor has a unique deadline for when they need to receive your pre-order depending on their product. Send your pre-order by email to each vendor you want to order from, within their required deadlines.
2. Vendors will respond back by no later than Friday before market day with an order confirmation and an invoice that in most cases will allow you to pre-pay for your order. If a vendor is not set up to take payment online they will accept checks (preferred) or cash in a sealed envelope on market day pickup.

If you have not already done so you may want to sign up for the newsletter
to be informed of the pre-order schedule for the next market.
If you have questions about info in this newsletter
please email them to sweetwaterlocalfoods@gmail.com
We are not able to respond through Tiny Letter

To remind everyone about what is unique about Sweetwater, here is a link to the Sweetwater Pledge to Our Customers. This Pledge is signed by all vendors, and we stand behind it. http://www.sweetwaterlocalfoodsmarket.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-final-sweetwater-pledge-to-customers-update.pdf