Here come the tomatoes!

Here come the tomatoes!

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, July 31st, 9:00am to 1:00pm
Mercy Health Partners/Hackley Health at the Lakes
On Harvey St just 1/2 mile North of Pontaluna Rd.
We are a Bridge Card & Project Fresh market

Here Come the Tomatoes!

Sungolds, Sunsweets, Black Cherries, Yellow Beefsteaks, Black Krim, Purple Cherokee, Glacier, Early Girl…..

McLaughlin Grows! Urban Farm of Muskegon

This week we have lots of Sungold, Sunsweet & Black Cherry tomatoes, green & yellow beans, red cabbage, cukes, sweet & hot peppers, baby rainbow carrots, and dill, basil, & thyme. Visit our Facebook page to learn about our new Friday’s at the Farmstand evening market from 4 to 6!

Liberty Family Farm of Hart


Heirloom Tomatoes! Black Krim, Cherokee Purple. Also early red Glaciers & Early Girl.

Bell peppers, banana peppers & poblano peppers.

Fresh Tomatoes out of the hoophouse, kale, broccoli, onion braids, lettuce, zucchini & fresh garlic.  EGGS!

MEATS– Fresh Chicken. Leg quarters, split breasts & boneless skinless, livers, wings & whole birds. SOUP STOCK!

GRASS FED LAMB chops, ribs & shanks

Come & Sample Grilled Chicken 10:00- 11:00


New! Veggie sandwiches to go! Our own multigrain bread, chocked full of our own veggies & herbs.

Roasted Poblana pepper & corn quiche.

The Ultimate Breakfast Cookies, Regular, Chocolate Walnut, Cherry Chocolate Pecan.

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche- Made with fresh broccoli out of the garden.

Multi Grain Bread & Kaiser Rolls

Gluten Free Brownies

Granola & more    See You There!

Blueberry Heritage Farms of Holland

Certified Organic blueberries! Brendan LaCroix will return with   “Bluecrop” blueberries this Saturday!

Fruitland Farms of Whitehall

Lois Jancek will bring more of those lucious Blackberries! She reports that this is definitely a “blackberry season” and she’s been nursing her crop for 3 years to get them to this point.

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia

Veggies this week ~  Sweet Corn!  Celery! Sweet Peppers, including yellow, purple and green!  Eggplant of multiple sizes and shapes  and colors.  We will have cucumbers in quantity for pickling.  Also slicers and Oriental Suhyo Cross.  Summer squash, carrots, large onions, Beets, Broccoli, Green beans, Cabbage, kale, Swiss chard, Head Lettuces and mixed salad greens, arugula, parsley, dill, rosemary, basil in bunches and quantity.  Gladiolas & Sunflowers!

BEEF ~  We will have  beef by the pound and package.  Steaks, roasts, ground beef,  stew meat, cubed steak, soup bones, heart, liver.  Also  ground beef in 10 + # quantities  (1-2# packages) for $3.50 per lb.   Please email any pre-orders by Friday 4pm to

Organic Olive Oil ~ SALE! Choose your favorite bottle of labeled oil and get 10% off! Or buy bulk – Armando Mansur from Argentina.

HIGHER GROUNDS COFFEE ~  I’ll be bringing a new shipment of ground coffee.

Maple Moon Farm of Shelby

Mike honed his farming skills working for the Earthscape Farm of Bill & Patrice Bobier, while Amanda is a student midwife finishing her training as a CPM, training with Patrice. This young family farm is rooted in the idea that our health is interconnected with the health of our soil, our plants, and our animals.  This week’s bounty includes:  Kale, swiss chard, turnip greens, carrots, beets, zucchini, yellow summer squash, trombocino squash, cucumbers, peppers, basil, parsley, onions, and fresh garlic.

Creswick Farms of Ravenna

Pastured Raised, Antibiotic & Hormone Free, Artisanal Meats
Featured this week!
Hot Italian Sausage Links. Super on the grill.
Meat Snack Sticks – perfect for the beach or to eat while traveling.
Ground beef patties (1/3lb) (more next Saturday)
Chicken (all cuts available August 14th)
Filet Mignon

Flank Steak, Gourmet Patties.
Available Saturday, August 14th Market
Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin, Hickory Bacon, Apple Bacon.
Garlic Kielbasa Sausage
Moroccan Lamb Sausage
Chicken Spinach Feta Sausage
Apple Chicken Sausage
Braunschweiger (The World’s Best according to Chris)
Ring Bologna
Deli Ham Slices
Pepperoni Slices
Hot Italian Sausage Links
Breakfast Sausage (Bulk 1 lb. packages + links)
Italian Bulk Sausge (1 lb. packages)
Meat Snack Sticks
Chicago Style Hog Dogs
Soy Free Eggs: A limited number will be available
Important Notice Regarding Pre-Orders: If you pre-order meat you will have to pick it up on Saturday by no later than 12:00 noon or the items will be put back in stock. If you have an emergency and can’t make it you can call the cell phone to reach me before the noon cut-off at 231.670.4817. Thanks!

Earthly Kneads of Muskegon

Special Note – Know where your flour comes from? We do! When you’re buying local, don’t forget about the people who grow your grain. We source our flour locally. It’s stone-ground and is NEVER bleached or brominated. No preservatives. No funny stuff. None of the stuff listed in the article below. 🙂 How do we know? We make it from scratch! Not everyone does.

Baking up a storm! We’ll have fresh-baked breads, cookies, muffins, granola, gorp, and muesli, too!

Shiitake Mushrooms – fresh and dried available this week!

We will also have our usual assortment of Naturally Nutty Nut Butters and Food for Thought Preserves, Hot Sauces, and Salsa.

We’re on Facebook at:

Dancing Goat Creamery of Byron Center

We haven’t mentioned that besides the great Chevre from our creamery,  we also make our own hand crafted  soap from organic goat’s milk, all natural ingredients, pure food grade oil and pure essential oils. We grow many of the herbs right on our farm. Each Udderly Wonderful soap is hand cut, inspected and packaged in a box. Try a bar and find out why goat’s milk makes great soap too!

From our partners at Little Rooster Breads. Made of only the best organic & on-farm ingredients, we ferment our grains to produce a smooth and tasty bread that we guarantee even the fussiest kid will love! Wild Rice & Onion, Multi-Grain, Whole Wheat & Cinnamon Raisin breads and hotdog and hamburg buns. Find out more at

Ayurvedic Farm of Montague

Christopher Brooks and Rebecca Todd will be bringing their signature mix of radish, broccoli microgreens, to be cut fresh at the market. Also: Mustard greens, radishes, Swiss Chard and Kale handmade soy candles & garden art.

Olson Farm of Shelby

Jim Olson will be bringing onions, green beans, Red Norland potatoes and his 2010 batch of Taste of Spring Maple Syrup.

Grassfields Farm of Coopersville

Raw Milk Organic Cheese

Gouda, Gouda w/dill, Gouda w/cumin (Leyden), Edam, Lamont Cheddar,

Hickory Ridge Family Farm
Pastured Poultry. Whole chicken &  cuts including chicken breast & leg quarters, wings, soup stock. Chickens raised on pasture & supplemented with either certified organic feed from Grahams Organic, or non-organic but not GMO feed from a local farm co-op.


We still have an small assortment of Happy Hill Frozen Turkey & Chicken.

Agriculture & Health Alive of Marne

Garden supplies. We will have 10 oz to 10# sizes of various garden supplements, like Berry Mix, Liquid Fish & Kelp concentrates, Maxicrop, Dry Kelp Meal, Milky spore & Diatomaceous Earth.

From the bookshelf: Ask Mother Nature: A Conscious Gardeners Guide, by Ellen Vandevisse. Or How to Grow More Vegetables, by John Jeavons.

Also: Nantucket Bakery Cinnamon Raisin Bread and other baked goods.

Northern Naturals Cherry Concentrate. Blackstrap molasses, honey & maple syrup.


Good for the body & soul!

Brittanie’s Thyme of Cedar Springs

Organic Acne Treatment (a specialty skin care product) contains: organic witch hazel, organic lavender essential oil(active ingredient), organic tea tree oil (active ingredient)

Tea tree works as a topical antibiotic and lavender works as an anti-inflammatory. To most users of this product their first positive visible reaction is the quick relief of redness to the area(s).  In certain cases this has actually happened over night.  This product is not only for blemish control but can also be used in times of topical allergic reaction to other products.  It can be used as a spot treatment or safely as an all over facial treatment if needed.

This weeks special – Organic Acne Treatment reg $8.00/ sale $6.50

Bee & Botanicals of Spring Lake

Great selection of certified organic soaps in full size bars and also a special guest size bar in a decorative box.
Lip balms in four flavors and beeswax candles made with Michigan beeswaxand  cotton wick!
Quietude Bath Tea is a relaxing blend of organic botanicals such as chamomile, calendula, mint, lavender and rose and is mixed with both Dead Sea and Epsom salts to detoxify and smooth the skin. On special this week:  $8.00 per jar (includes 2 refillable muslin bags).  Quietude in a two pack of pre-filled organic bath blend, special price this week $3.50.
Lavender– we have lavender in many different items which make thoughtful presents (or treat yourself) bought individually or grouped together.  Organic lavender soap, organic lavender dryer bags as well as many different choices in sachets for closet, drawers, desk or travel bags.  Hand embroidered bags with two sachets inside, lavender and chocolate detailed organza bags with 4 small sachets inside as well as individual small sachets in cotton and organza.  Larger bags are $1.00 off this week and the small sachets, normally $3.00, are on special this week for $2.50.
Look forward to seeing you at the market!

Daisy Doodles of Whitehall

I started making Daisy Doodles Artisanal Dog Treats because I want my son’s dog Daisy to have wholesome treats made out of real food. Daisy just loves them, and her friends agree. Daisy Doodles are made using organic ingredients, supporting the local food system and economy, and respecting the earth through responsible packaging and business practices. Find out more at our Facebook page at

Imagination to Creation Jewelry of North Muskegon
This Saturday at market I will be displaying all of my “made from scratch” pure silver and copper pendants, scarf pins, earrings, sweater pins, stickpins etc.   I will also have 50% off purses and totes this week.

Note: To the customer who left her sterling bracelet to be repaired in Spring 2009: I’ve been unable to contact you because you did not leave your name or phone number.  Please stop by and pick it up (repair charge $3.50). Thanks!

Last but not least

If you would like to become a Friend of the Market for a suggested donation of $10.00, which entitles you to a free cup of coffee at every market you attend for a full year, please see me at the market this Saturday! We will also have  Higher Grounds Coffee by the Cup for a suggested donation of $1.00.

Sweetwater is now on Facebook!

Hope to see you at the market!

Diana Jancek
Market Manager