Friday March 14th Announcements

Sweetwater  Local Foods Market –

What’s New for Friday, March 14,  2014

Hello Friends of Sweetwater

No, this is not your regular Market Email, but we have a few things we wanted to be sure to share this weekend. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 15th, will be the last Saturday that we are closed until after Christmas!

Sweetwater Community Gathering on Sunday, March 30, 2014.

Please see the Poster at link below regarding an event coming up on Sunday, March 30th from 2-6 at Church of the Dunes in Grand Haven.  While we know that the market has always been a gathering place for those of us who love and appreciate healthy local food, we thought it was time to sit down and share a meal together as a community. Bill Bobier of Earthscape Farm will be speaking, and the menu will be local, of course!

Poster is  here:

Time to Sign Up for Community Supported Agriculture!  This is the time of year we usually have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Day at the market, but both because of the crazy weather and because there are only two farms involved in CSA this year, we are publishing the information about them in this email.

The most basic answer to the question “What is Community Supported Agriculture?”  is that of eaters supporting growers in the most direct way possible. Members of a farm’s CSA pay up-front ahead of the season when farmers are most in need of money for seed, supplies and equipment. In return eaters are guaranteed a share of the farm’s harvest. The CSA community is one of shared risk and shared reward, empowering both consumers with the knowledge of where their food comes from and farmers with a more secure market for the fruits (and vegetables, leaves & shoots) of their hard work. Please give consideration to one of these farms this season.


Funny Farm of Grant

Jim & Barb Loe

13181 Centerline Rd.

Grant, MI

We’ve been farming organically for over 20 years. Going into our 12th year as a CSA farm, we are now accepting new members for 2014 season. Full & half shares available. Call 231-234-8643 or stop by our booth at Sweetwater Local Foods Market for more information.


Five Oaks Farm of Montague

Dustin Anderson, Farm Manager

6543 Hancock Rd.

Montague, MI 49437

Although we’ve always grown organically in the almost 30 years we’ve been here, this is our 2nd year operating as a Community Supported Ag farm. We’re accepting applications for both full & half shares and this year we’re also offering a Market Share for those who cannot consistently use a box of vegetables every week. For an application and to learn more about our farm, please visit our farm website at

We will also be at Sweetwater Mkt with information, or you can call (231)292-1152.