Sweetwater What’s New at the Market Saturday October 21

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, October 21st, 2017
9:00am to 12:00 noon
Mercy Health Lakes Campus
On 6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd. Exit. 1st Bldg North of Pontaluna Rd.
We are a Bridge Card Market!
Vendors with * Accept Credit & Debit Cards

Special deal for first 10 customers – see end of newsletter at Etcetera Market Info booth listing!

Attending this week’s market: 

Mund Farm of Rothbury
CERTIFIED ORGANIC APPLES from Hackert Family Farm of Ludington!
Empires, Ida Reds and Jonagolds are available this
Saturday, Oct 21 st (tree run / sorted for major defects)
Sorry, but the Golden Delicious are not available due to quality
Place orders for Empires, Ida Reds and Jonagolds, ½ & whole bushel (min ½ Bu), for
pickup at the market. Please email me at grmund@aol.com.
Quantities Available:
Quarts (2 ½ – 3 lbs.) @ $3; 2 qts for $5;
1/2 bu. @ $15 (Approx. 21 lbs.); (Available at market & order)
1 bu. @ $25 (Approx. 42 lbs.); (Available at market & orders)
Please bring your container(s) for large quantities
 A McIntosh type apple
 Long shelf life
 Aromatic and crisp, with creamy white juicy flesh
 Best for eating fresh
 Early to Mid season
Ida Reds
 Excellent cooking and baking qualities.
 Good for baked apples (hold their shape when cooked)
 Use to make naturally pink applesauce (if the skins are left on)
 Good apples to eat fresh as is or in salads.
 Wonderful storage variety; proper cool / dry conditions, can keep for several
 A cross of Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
 Best for: eating, sauce, pies, salad, baking
 Mid season

Grandsons Gardens of West Olive
*We accept credit & debit cards!
Kale (Red Russian, Curly Green)
Turnip Greens
Baby Bok Choi
Everything Mix
Squash (Butternut, Spaghetti, Pie Pumpkins) Bulk amounts available.
Herbs (Parsley, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary)

Liberty Family Farm and Bakery of Hart
Fresh Eggs !!!
Fresh Greens!
Bakery Offerings

New! Gluten Free Apple Crisp
New! Challah Bread
New! Pizza Crusts
New! Apple Muffins
New! Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts
Paleo Cookies
Breakfast Cookies
Morning Glory Muffins
Fresh Quiche
Grass fed Lamb
Leg steaks
Grass fed Beef
Pastured Pork
Smoked Hocks
Pastured Chicken
Whole Birds
Breast Roasts
Broth packs
Thanksgiving Turkey Sign Up!!
Happy Fall:) see you at the Market!


Summer Blend Gardens of Spring Lake 
*We accept credit & debit cards!
Café Mato is still open but this may be the last week as
the constant cold nights signal the ending of growth for
tomatoes, and many other plants in the garden. The
greens continue to look good and we’ll be bringing a
wide variety. – John and Marty
Mexican Gherkins
Swiss Chard
Summer Blend Salad Mix: Fall Edition
Ground Cherries
Indian Corn
Green beans, Purple beans, and Scarlet Runners
Bundles of Kale (Curly, Scarlet, Tuscan, & Red Russian)
Collard Greens

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia 
*We accept credit & debit cards!
EGGS!  Our new hens are laying more consistently.  We feed them organic feed and minerals from Grice’s, plus our own grains, scraps and as much garden waste as they can possibly eat.
VEGETABLES! We will have red and yellow onions, eggplant, summer squash, seed garlic, cabbages, maybe celeriac and Kossak Kohlrabi.
GRASS FED BEEF!  We have a full array of cuts available!  If you want to order in advance, email earthscapefarm@gmail.com or call us by 7pm on Friday  – the number is below.
We have quarters of beef for sale!  Talk to us at Market or email soon.
Special this week: Short Ribs & Soup Bones 15% off!
Cubed Steak –We eat it about once a week – pan-fried in a little butter and EVOO, about 2-3 minutes per side.  It’s a quick supper!
Grilling Steaks ~   Tenderloin, New York Strip, Ribeye, Porterhouse, T-bone, Sirloin, Cubed Steak, Skirt Steak, Hangar Steak, Kabob Beef
Braising Beef ~ Stew Meat, Round Steaks and yes, we have grilled round steak!
Roasts ~ Chuck,  Rolled Rump Roast, English and Arm Roasts,
Brisket!  We have a really large “Company / Holiday” one!
Lean Ground Beef in 1/2 lb and 1 lb packages
Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421

Never Better Naturals of Twin Lake 
*We accept credit & debit cards!
If you’re using commercial sunscreens, lotions, lip products, deodorant, lip care, pain medications, and/or steroid treatments, you’re allowing a lot of JUNK into your blood stream that eating clean can’t fix!
You don’t have to spend big money or support large companies (that are located who knows where?) to find safe and sustainably processed products.  You can find them right here!
I encourage you to give my products a chance.  You’ll find healthier and affordable alternatives to your current SKIN & PERSONAL CARE products, BABY care (diaper, rash, lotion), and also HERBAL SOLUTIONS for a wide variety minor skin and health concerns- all made right here in West Michigan.
I’m looking forward to showing you how I can help you make the switch to better!
Thanks, Rachel

Scholl Farm of Montague
Frozen whole chicken (free range, organic feed)
Potatoes, several varieties
Squash, several varieties and sizes
Pumpkins and decorative gourds, many colors and sizes

Three Speed Coffee of Grand Haven
*We accept credit & debit cards!
New Coffees & Sizes!
We now have added  8oz bags of whole bean & ground coffee for $9
Stop by our booth and try a sample of our coffees!
Rwanda Coopac
Ethiopian Sidamo
Along with
Mocha Java Blend
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Sumatra Mandheling
Also: Brewing immersion drip coffee by the cup, and we will have our four roasts available by the cup as well.
All Three Speeds coffee is roasted by sight, smell & sound based on a roast profile developed by Chad. All coffee is small batch, no automation. We invite all to sample what time and attention taste like in a cup.
Chad & Lorie

Bodhi Tree Market of Spring Lake
*We accept credit & debit cards!
Bodhi Tree Market will be at Sweetwater with our cold-pressed juice, shots and Switchel.
We are excited to announce that all of our Certified Organic apples will be coming from Hackert Family Farm of Ludington! Thank you to our dear friend Greg Mund for helping coordinate this partnership! See you Saturday!
Instagram: @bodhitreejuiceco
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bodhitreemarketjuiceco

Michigans Finest Mushrooms of Spring Lake
SHITAKES are back!
I will also have fresh Oysters!
Michigans Finest Mushrooms

Otherworldly Botanica of Grand Haven
Local herbalist Cody Westendorf (of Otherworldly Botanicals) offers a wide range of organically grown products, and small batch seasonal products- infused with local, ethically wildcrafted plants. Cody will be at the market with: vinegar tonics, elixirs, infused honeys, teas, and natural plant-infused self care products.
My Etsy shop is https://www.etsy.com/shop/OtherworldlyBotanica
If you are local and would like to pick up something between markets, my email is cdorf79@gmail.com

Etcetera: Market Info Booth 
Special deal!  $5 in market bucks to the first 10 customers who stop by our info booth and tell us which farm has Kossak Kohlrabi?

Not attending this week:
Blackbird Farm of Coopersville
Since the early fall had been so dry, last weekend’s three inches of rain was welcome, but still a lot of water for the fields to handle. I need a window where the fields are dry enough to work so that I can plant my garlic for next season and sow some cover crops to protect and improve the soil. It looks like this weekend is that window before more rain arrives next week, so I will be in the fields and not at market this Saturday. Look for us to return the following week with more fall goodness!

Lively Up Kombucha of Muskegon
We had a great time on our first day at Sweetwater!
We are taking a weekend off-but we are planning to come consistently through the winter.

Shady Side Farm of Holland
*Accepts debit/credit cards.
I may be able to be back sooner than a month, stay tuned.
Shady Side Farm

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
I will not be at market this week. Fall sports are wrapping up. Aaron has been moved to varsity to finish out the soccer season and they play again Saturday morning as they remain undefeated in the conference playoffs. Hope you all have a great week!

Laughing Tree Bakery of Hart
We’ll be back next week!