Sweetwater What’s New at the Market Saturday February 29th

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, February 29th, 2019
9:00am to 12:00 noon
Mercy Health Lakes Village
6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd.
Vendors with * Accept Credit & Debit Cards
Saturday is Leap Day at the Market!
We will continue to accept names up until 10:45 for the drawing to be held at 11:00. Enter to win a drawing for a $100 value market basket of goodies from the vendors!  This is a once in every 4 years happening so don’t miss out!

Attending this week’s market: 

Shady Side Farm of Holland
*We accept debit/credit cards!
This Saturday I will be at market, and will have along the following
Lamb brats, kebabs, stew, shoulder roasts, leg of lamb, organs, and bones for broth.
Heirloom, certified organic beans:
Amethyst — (New) Creamy texture, mild flavor
Arikara Yellow — Intense flavor, hold shape swell, baked beans or soup
Bean Medley – Random mixture of our beans, good for soup
Black Turtle – Common black bean, great in Mexican dishes (not an heirloom)
Fort Portal Jade — (New) Firm bean that holds up to cooking, pleasant, earthy flavor
Hutterite Soup — Comfort food, cook fast, creamy soup, baby food
Lina Cisco — Creamy smooth texture, nutty, sweet flavor, thin skin, soups or chili
Marrow — Creamy bean with a slight taste of bacon, good in soups and baked beans
Painted Lady – Slightly sweet bean, smooth, creamy texture, good all-purpose bean
Painted Pony — (New) Rich and nutty flavor, keeps coloring during cooking
Yellow Indian Woman — Mild, creamy tasting, sturdy, salads or chiliSome of these are new this year. Let us know what you think about them—we’d love to hear your reports. All beans except Black Turtle are available in very limited quantities this year. If you’re on a budget, the black beans are very affordable.
Corn meal and grits/polenta.
Wool Dryer balls, handwoven rugs, and wool socks. The ivory-colored, machine made socks are discontinued and on sale. I’m NOT planning on taking along wool roving or yarn, or felting kits—but I could if you let me know ahead of time!
Shady Side Farm

Liberty Family Farm & Bakery
*We accept debit/credit!
Micro greens 
Spicy Mix
Fresh Eggs! Lots of them:)
Pastured Pork
Breakfast Links
Maple Sage Sausage
Italian brats
Garlic Basil
Ground Pork
Ham Slices
*Bacon next week!
Pastured Chicken 
Broth Packs
Garlic Basil Sausage
Banana Bread
Morning Glory Muffins

Mund Farm of Rothbury
Available this week – Enterprise & Crimson Crisp apples
Apple Sauce, Apple Butter & Apple Cider.
All are USDA Certified Organic from Hackert Family Farm (Ludington) and Country Mill (Charlotte)
Quantities Available:
Quarts (2 1/2 lbs.) @ $4 ea;
Peck (5 qts.) @ $12 ea;
Pre-order email grmund@aol.com, pick up at market:
1 bu. @ $30(44lbs) & 1/2 bu. @ $18 (22 lbs)
Please bring your container(s) for large quantities
Apple Sauce (1 qt. jar); Butter (13 oz. jar); Cider (frozen – ½ gal jug); $6 each
A McIntosh – Golden Delicious – Rome cross apple
Long shelf life
Best for eating and cooking
Late season apple that stores well
Crimson Crisp
Extremely crisp, tart, rich flavor
Fresh eating, salads, juice, sauce
Stores wells

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
Hello everyone,
100% grass fed beef, including:
Ground beef
*Burger patties* (back in stock, yay!)
Stew meat
A variety of steaks
Soup bones
Short ribs
This week’s preorder sale: sirloin steaks and sizzlers, save 50 cents a pound. Please place all orders by 9pm. Ordering ensures we don’t sell what you want before you get to market!
We’re running a spring special on halves and quarters. Save 25 cents a pound on hanging weight. See us for details!
We’ll have raw and heated honey.
We’ll have a few dozen chicken eggs. Our poultry is free range and has certified organic feed available. We continue to gather duck eggs daily, so we’ll have a few of them along as well.
See you Saturday,
Bill and Sarah
Pine Row Farm

Scholl Farm of Montague
New! Stewing hens. Frozen. Chickens from our flock, make excellent soup stocks & broths.
Eggs. Hens dine on bugs & other goodies when outside, certified organic chicken feed from Grices when weather brings them inside.
This week! We will have along a bucketful of beautiful Buttercup Double Cream Tulips from September Dykema’s flower farm.

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia ~ 
Pre-orders are appreciated.  Email earthscapefarm@gmail.com
*We accept debit & credit cards.
Vegetables ~~ Red and Yellow Onions.
We are out of quarters, but will be butchering again soon.  Let us know if you want to be on the list for having them processed your way.
Grilling Steaks ~  New York Strip, Rib Steaks, Ribeye, TBones, Porterhouse, Sirloin, plus Kabob beef for the grill!
Cubed Steak – great for a quick supper!
Braising Beef ~   Round Steaks.  Round can be easily cut into stew meat chunks and is a little cheaper if you cut your own.
Roasts ~ Chuck, Rolled Rump Roast,  and Arm Roasts.
Ground Sirloin
Short Ribs
Soup Bones
Lean Ground Beef
 – 1/2 lb, 1 lb packages, and  1/4 lb patties!
Beef Liver, Heart and Tongue
Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421
email earthscapefarm@gmail.com

Little Farm in the Big Woods of Whitehall
We will be at market on Saturday with lots of eggs.  Our chickens are fed organic feed from Grice Farms which we soak for optimal nutrition and digestibility, as well as scraps from our kitchen. Right now they are in a large hoop house and hopefully before too long we can move them outside. We may also have a small amount of kale.
See you Saturday!
Matthew and Emily Near

Funny Farm of Grant
*We accept credit/debit cards!
Hello, everyone. Jim’s been busy in the woodshop so I’ll have some new cutting boards and accessories. I’ll have blueberry and kiwi jelly, pink Himalayan salt, smoked and regular, India tellicherry peppercorns as well as an assortment of aprons, adult and kids size. See you soon!
Barb & Jim Loe
Funny Farm

Three Speed Coffee of Grand Haven
*We accept credit & debit cards!
All Three Speeds coffee is roasted by sight, smell & sound based on a roast profile developed by Chad. All coffee is small batch, no automation. We invite all to sample what time and attention taste like in a cup.
Coffee & Sizes
We now have 8oz & 14 oz bags of whole bean & 8 oz. ground coffee.
Our regular line-up:
Peru Lima
Mocha Java Blend
By the Cup:
Immersion drip coffee by the cup, one selected roast. $4
Sumatra, Peru, Mocha Java available by the cup $3
Try a free sample before you decide!
Chad & Lori

Bodhi Tree Juice Co
We’ll be at market with our fresh pressed juices, shots and more!

Laughing Tree Bakery of Hart
We look forward to being back to the market this weekend!
Cheddar Peppercorn $8.00
Cobmooosa Onion Rye $7.00
OCEANA ROLLS: A lovely 3 oz. Rustic Italian roll. $1.00 each
(Oceana Round is the only non-sourdough bread we make.)
*All the grains and flours we use are certified ORGANIC.
Deep Mud Brownies $3.50 each
Morning Buns $3.50 each
COOKIES: $3.00 each.
Pecan Maple Oaties
SCONES: $3.00 each
Truly Ginger Scones
Michigan Cherry Scones
Blueberry Scones
Cranberry Orange Scone
Lovely Lemon Scones
Hilde and Charlie Muller
Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery

Sweetwater Curated Local Foods
*We accept credit/debit!
All produce from Certified Organic Michigan farms.
Second Spring Farm of Cedar
Fingerling Potato Mixed red, white & blues.
Yellow Onions
Red Beets
Sweet Potatoes
Orange & Rainbow Carrots
Stutzman Family Farm of Blanchard
Green cabbage
Food for Thought Preserves
Blackberry Shiraz
Naturally Nutty Nut Butters of Traverse City
Smooth & Crunchy Peanut Butter
Almond Butter
Idyll Farm Cheese
Fresh goat cheese 
Plain, Garlic & Herb, Lavender Honey & Fennel Pollen!
Mycopia Mushrooms of Scottville
Mushroom Chefs Sampler $6.00
The Brinery of Ann Arbor
We source from organic farms.
Heart Beet Kvass is back!
Sea Stag
Cloud Zapper
Sriracha on sale this week $3.00!

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