Sweetwater What’s New at the Market Saturday December 16th

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, December 16th, 2017
9:00am to 12:00 noon
Mercy Health Lakes Campus
On 6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd. Exit. 1st Bldg North of Pontaluna Rd.
We are a Bridge Card Market!
Vendors with * Accept Credit & Debit Cards

Special deal for first 10 customers – see end of newsletter at Etcetera Market Info booth listing!

Sweetwater Christmas Gift Certificates available at the Market Info Booth!

Attending this week’s market: 

Vinnie Sutherland Copper Ornaments & Tiles
Vinnie will bring her hammered copper artworks, and if you haven’t already seen her art elsewhere you’ll be amazed at the beauty & intricacy of her designs.

Shady Side Farm of Holland
*Accepts debit/credit cards.
This week we will be at market with our certified organic beans:
Bean Medley – A mixture of several of our beans, good for soup.
Black Garbanzo – Nutty flavor, firm texture. Good for salad, soup, hummus. (Almost gone.)
Black Turtle – Common black bean with a thick skin and a meaty texture.
Green Flageolet – Creamy, firm texture and a sweet mellow flavor. A quick-cooking bean. (Limited supply.)
Hidatsa Red – Similar to a kidney bean but with a slightly nutty taste, these beans are good in salads, chilis, soups or served with grains.
Painted Lady – Slightly sweet, with a smooth, creamy texture.
Yellow Indian Women – These buttery beans retain their shape well, and are less starchy than some other beans. Good all purpose bean.
Zebra – Smooth, creamy texture, full-bodied flavor, good all-purpose bean.
I’ll make sure to take mini-bags of beans along, in case you want to use them for holiday gift-giving. If you are interested in bulk orders of beans (5# or more of any one kind), please email me to inquire about prices and to place your order.
Corn Meal & Grits/Polenta
Our corn is Wapsie Valley, which is a yellow & red open pollinated corn that dates back to the 1850s. We have always grown hybrid corn, but recently started growing open pollinated corn. Last year we grew both on the same farm, under the same growing conditions, and ran a protein test on them. The hybrid came back with test results of 7.3% protein and the Wapsie Valley came back as 10.2% After harvest we carefully clean our corn, removing broken kernels and other seeds that have gotten mixed in. It’s then delivered to the DeZwaan Windmill in Holland, where it is stone ground and made into grits/polenta or corn meal. Since no preservatives are added, it’s best to keep our corn products refrigerated or frozen. For more info on hybrid & open pollinated see http://blog.seedsavers.org/blog/open-pollinated-heirloom-and-hybrid-seeds
Wool Products — I’ll have along our wool socks that range in price from $20-32, as well as dryer balls and felting kits. I will also have a nice selection of mittens and hats made from recycled wool sweaters. If you want yarn or roving, please email me by Friday afternoon, so that I can pack it along.
Shady Side Farm

Funny Farm of Grant
Hello, everyone! I’m happy to be back after a busy couple of weeks.
The jelly sale continues: buy two for $10, one elderberry and one other flavor, still many to choose from.
Dried peppers and dried shitake mushrooms.
Winter squash.
#2 Garlic
New, larger sized Himalayan Salt.
For Christmas gifting: Barb’s Baubles and aprons from The Apron Lady!

Never Better Naturals of Twin Lake 
*We accept credit & debit cards!
STOCKING STUFFERS and GIFT PACKAGES (pre-made or customizable)!!
We will have (handmade locally using certified organic butters, oils, and herbs):
*Organic Bar Soaps
*Whipped Body Butter
*Herbal Perfumes
*Herbal Face Wash (multiple skin types)
*Lip Butters
*Facial Night Butter
*Turn Back Time- Anit-aging Facial Serum
*Natural Deodorant (unscented & 2 others)
*Sanitizing Spray
*Herbal Tooth Scrub
*Baby Butter (lotion)
*Baby Bottom Balm (Diaper Cream)
*Pain Banish Rub (Joint, muscle, head, athritic, nerve, mentholated chest rub)
*7 Herb Healing Balm (Eczema, Psoriasis, Rash, Itch, Burn, Cracked Skin &            Lips)
*Scar Abate Salve
*Sinus Rescue Sticks (allergies, cold, flu)
*Laundry Wash (chem. & perfume free)
*refills on Turn Back Time, Bug Spray, and Sanitizing Spray
I have samples and am always willing to answer questions with no pressure. 🙂  I can also customize products for allergies or preference.
Thanks, Rachel

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
Sale! Soup bones 50% off. While supplies last and this sale is “souper” popular!
Sale! By preorder only, save 10% on sirloin and ny strip steaks. Packages normally serve 2 people. Please specify which kind and number of packages please.
100% grass fed beef:
Ground sirloin
Burger patties
Short ribs
Soup bones
Steaks: ribeye, ny strip, sirloin, porterhouse
We’ll have some additional honey for Christmas gifting! Cute half pints plus regular sizes through the 4 # pail! Honey is easy to substitute for sugar in all your favorite holiday recipes, too!
I’ll be bringing gift certificates along as well.
See you Saturday!

Scholl Farm of Montague
We’ll be there with:
Whole frozen chicken, 6-8 lbs. Range free, certified organic feed.
Eggs. Our laying hens are mostly staying inside these cold, snowy days although they do have the the option to go outside. They are fed certified organic feed along with organic apples and second cutting alfalfa hay.
Festival Winter Squash.
Potatoes. Many varieties. Last chance to order bulk quantities.
We will also have Osage oranges available.

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia 
*We accept credit & debit cards!
We have 1 QUARTER of BEEF still for sale! Talk to us at Market or email soon. The prices are $562 and $570, delivered to Sweetwater Market.
PORK! We have deli hams only, until we go to pick more up.
EGGS!  Our new hens are laying more consistently.  We feed them organic feed and minerals from Grice’s, plus our own grains, scraps and as much garden waste as they can possibly eat.
VEGETABLES! We will have WINTER VEGETABLES! red and yellow onions, cabbages, celeriac and Kossak Kohlrabi.
GRASS FED BEEF!  We have a full array of cuts available!  If you want to order in advance, email earthscapefarm@gmail.com or call us by 7pm on Friday  – the number is below.
We have quarters of beef for sale!  Talk to us at Market or email soon.
Special this week: Short Ribs $3 a lb
Grilling Steaks ~   Tenderloin, New York Strip, Ribeye, Porterhouse, T-bone, Sirloin, Cubed Steak, Skirt Steak, Hangar Steak, Kabob Beef
Cubed Steak –We eat it about once a week – pan-fried in a little butter and EVOO, about 2-3 minutes per side.  It’s a quick supper!
Braising Beef ~ Stew Meat, Round Steaks and yes, we have grilled round steak!
Roasts ~ Chuck,  Rolled Rump Roast, English and Arm Roasts,
Lean Ground Beef in 1/2 lb and 1 lb packages. We have some patties for those of you who prefer patties.
Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421

Laughing Tree Bakery of Hart
Greetings from Laughing Tree Bakery!
PANETTONE is here!  This Italian Christmas bread is made with rum-soaked dried fruits, toasted almonds, and fresh orange and lemon zest.  It is visually dramatic and scrumptious!
Available December 16th and 23rd only.   $15/loaf.  Serves 4—8.
For December 23rd only:
CHOCOLATE CHERRY BREAD:  Dark chocolate batons, organic cocoa, vanilla, and dried Michigan cherries in a sumptuous dessert loaf.  $10 We only bake this once a year!
GINGERBREAD CHILDREN:  Based on Charlie’s grandmother’s recipe, these lovely cutout cookies will delight the young and the young at heart.  $2.00 each or 5 for $9.00.
Email Charlie@laughingtreebakery.com to Pre-order!!
Cranberry Orange Almond Bread:  Toasted almonds, fresh organic orange zest, and plump cranberries.  Festive and delicious.  $8.75  Available through December 23rd.
Chili Cheddar:  Spicy jalapenos and smooth Vermont Cheddar.  $8.00
Cobmoosa Onion Rye:  Caramelized Michigan onions and a bit of caraway in a light rye.  $7.00
**All the grains and flours we use are certified ORGANIC.
Morning Buns:  Hearty, naturally-leavened cinnamon rolls—with ground pecans and organic butter!  $3.50 each.
Deep Mud Brownies:  Our brownies are made with Callebaut dark chocolate, fresh organic eggs, and Michigan-grown organic barley flour—they are extremely deep and dark…  $3.25 each
Pecan Maple Oaties:  The quintessential oatmeal-raisin cookie made with real Michigan maple syrup, pecans, and organic raisins $3.00 each.
Hilltoppers:  A spicy cookie sweetened with golden molasses and bits of candied ginger.  $3.00
Treehuggers:  The one and only quarter-pound peanut-buttery original with organic dark chocolate chips.  Sweetened with Michigan maple and honey.  $3.00
Whangdangdoodlers:  A cookie as memorable as its name… Made with organic walnuts and dark chocolate batons—this one will absolutely WOW your tastebuds!    $3.00
SCONES: $2.50 each
Truly Ginger Scones
Michigan Cherry Scones
Blueberry Scones
Lovely Lemon Scones
Cranberry Orange Scones
Hilde and Charlie Muller
Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery
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Three Speed Coffee of Grand Haven
*We accept credit & debit cards!
Coffees & Sizes
We now have both 8oz & 14 oz bags of whole bean & ground coffee.
Stop by our booth and try a sample of our coffees!
Rwanda Coopac
Ethiopian Sidamo
Mocha Java Blend
Sumatra Mandheling
Also: Brewing immersion drip coffee by the cup, and we will have our four roasts available by the cup as well.
All Three Speeds coffee is roasted by sight, smell & sound based on a roast profile developed by Chad. All coffee is small batch, no automation. We invite all to sample what time and attention taste like in a cup.
Chad & Lorie

Bodhi Tree Market of Spring Lake
*We accept credit & debit cards!
I will have our cold-pressed juices, shots and Switchel. See you Saturday!
Instagram: @bodhitreejuiceco
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bodhitreemarketjuiceco

Kasza Sugar Bush of Shelby
*We accept credit & debit cards!
Pure Michigan Maple Syrup in a great variety of bottles as well as both Amber syrup with a rich taste and Dark syrup with a strong robust taste. We also will have:
* Pure Maple Sugar (Granulated)
* Maple Cream (excellent smooth spread especially on toast!!)
* Maple Sugar Candy (sometimes you need something to ‘sweeten’ up your day)
* Michigan Maple Munch (our famous organic homemade maple granola!)
* Maple Coated Almonds and Pecans (sweet and crunchy for the nut lovers)

Etcetera: Market Info Booth 
Special deal!  $5 in market bucks to the first 10 customers who stop by our info booth and answer this week’s questions:
What does this spell, where can you find it this Saturday, and what country did it originally come from?   ATEONEPTN

We have Sweetwater Christmas gift certificates available!

Not attending this week:

Grandsons Gardens of West Olive
We are planning on coming to the market next Saturday, December 23rd.. What all we bring
will be slightly dependent on the weather.
Liberty Family Farm and Bakery of Hart
We will be back next Saturday, December 23rd!
Look for us on Facebook & Instagram
Otherworldly Botanicals of Grand Haven
If you are local and would like to pick up something between markets, my email is cdorf79@gmail.com