Sweetwater Labor Day Back-to-School Healthy Snacks Saturday!

Kids – sample healthy snacks this Saturday!

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, Sept 1, 9:00am to 1:00pm
 Mercy Health Partners/Hackley Health at the Lakes
On Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd. Exit. 1st Bldg North of Pontaluna Rd.

Bridge Cards, Double Up Food Bucks, Project Fresh Coupons and

 Senior Project Fresh Accepted Here!  


Attending this week’s market:


CJ Veggies

Sweet corn, the real deal! Lacinato “Dino” kale, Tomatoes Garlic beans melons white turnips Mesclun mix Arugula, Baby Swiss Chard, Basil, green onions and a big Smile!


Chickadee Creek Farm of Nunica

We will be at market with eggs, plants, and an assortment of vegetables.


Funny Farm of Grant

New items! Onions! Try our small yellow cippolini, shallots, scallions, or our yellow storage, yellow, red or white large onions. Also:  red melons, cukes,  kales,  garlic,  potatoes, summer squash, okra, and kohlrabi. We accept Project Fresh and Senior Project Fresh coupons!


Maple Moon Farm of Shelby

We have tomatoes, sweet peppers, squash, cucumbers, pickles, carrots, onions, garlic, kale, chard, beets, scallions, purple and wax beans, fresh herbs, dried herbs, herb tea, and herbal salves.

See you there!


Earthscape Farm of Hesperia

We now have the ability to take PROJECT FRESH coupons as well as credit cards at Sweetwater Market!  

VEGGIES ~  BEETS AND TOMATOES FOR CANNING!  MELONS!  Both Watermelons and Canteloupes.  Tomatoes! 1/2 bushels for canning – Paste or Red Round.  Great quality and also some 2nds available for a lower price! Heirlooms of every color imaginable, Paste, Red Round, Multi-colored Cherries, Juliets. For fresh eating, drying and roasting.  MAYBE SOME SWEET CORN, Celery,  Beets, Tomatillos.  Cabbage, Salad mix. Garlic, Beans, Eggplant, Sweet Peppers. Broccoli,  Cucumbers,  Large Onions and Summer Squash, Kale and Chard ~~ EAT MORE KALE stickers to anyone who buys a bag of kale this Saturday,  Rosemary, Fresh Basil (including large amounts for making Pesto!), Dill and Parsley;  Red, Kennebec & Russet Potatoes. Fingerling Potatoes.  Sunflowers!

BEEF ~ NEW BEEF CUTS!  JUST PICKED UP THIS WEEK! Our steers and cows are on pasture, and happy!

  • We have lean Ground Beef!
  • Chuck, Arm & English Roasts
  • Bone-In  TBone, Porterhouse and Rib Steaks
  • Boneless Sirloin and Tenderloin Steaks
  • Swiss Steak
  • Stew Meat & Short Ribs
  • Liver, Heart and Tongue
  • Soup Bones

SALE:  ORGANIC OLIVE OIL ~ Fair Trade, too!  Imported by Higher Grounds in Traverse City

NEW SHIPMENT: HIGHER GROUNDS COFFEE in 1# bags.  Certified organic, Fair Trade. Various types, beans or ground, dark or light roast, full caf, half caf or decaf. Try a cup at the Sweetwater Market table!


Grassfield’s Cheese of Coopersville

We’ll be at market this week with our certified organic Dutch Style gouda’s & cheddars. Try our Gouda with Dill, Gouda with Chili, Lamont Cheddar, or Edam!


Ed’s Farm of Spring Lake

Swiss Chard, Kale, heirloom tomato, zucchini, acorn squash, mint, peppers, beets, catnip, basil, corn

Creswick Farms of Ravenna

Pasture Raised, Antibiotic & Hormone Free, Artisanal Meats

New this week! Apple Smoked Chicken Halves! Yum!

Steaks: Flank, Ribeye & Top Sirloin for the grill!

Ground Beef in 1 lb. packages
Ground Beef patties


New! Apple Smoked Chicken Halves. $6.95lb

Chicken Patties, Regular or BBQ, 1#/ 4 pr pkg

Chicken Breast, boneless, skinless.

Chicken Leg Quarters

Chicken Deli Lunch Slices are back!

Pork Tenderloin

Boneless Pork Chops

We now offer Breakfast Sausage 3 ways: Patties, Links and Bulk 1# pkg!

Bacon: Choose from Hickory or Apple Smoked.


Regular Bratwurst

Oberon Brats

Apple Smoked Brats

Two Deli Lunchmeat choices: Chicken Deli & Ham Deli!

Chicago Style Hotdogs! No nitrates, no fillers – just  100%  pastured meats!

Snack Sticks

Chorizo 1/2lb pkg
EGGS No soy in chicken feed. Large. $3.25 a dozen. Jumbo or medium by pre-order only.

PRE-ORDERS. Sign up to be on the Pre Order reminder list here: dijaan1@charter.net or at the market. On Sunday you will receive a reminder and you’ll have until 9am Tuesday to put your order in. Once placed, all you have to do is come to the market anytime on Saturday and pick it up!


Laughing Tree Bakery of Hart

West Michigan’s ONLY Brick Oven Solar Powered Bakery!

“ DO YOU MAKE ANY SOURDOUGH BREADS?”  We’ve had a number of customers ask us this question recently as more and more people become aware of the nutritional superiority of a “sourdough” bread versus a yeasted bread (a bread leavened with commercial yeast).  The answer to that question is YES WE DO!!  Fourteen of the fifteen breads we make are “sourdoughs”, that is, the starter that we cultivate to rise and flavor our breads is a sourdough starter.  (The Oceana Round is the only exception—it is made with a yeasted starter called a poolish).  The sourdough starter that we use is called a levain.  We cultivate our levain right here in our bakery using only organic flour and water.  This mixture captures wild yeast from the air and uses the wild yeast found on the grains themselves.  Sourdough starters harness the fermentation power of wild yeasts to leaven and flavor breads.

Our breads undergo a period fermentation lasting anywhere from 6 to 18 hours.  This extended fermentation renders the grains (and the gluten) far more digestible than your standard yeasted bread.  The whole thrust of commercial yeast is to speed up fermentation, while naturally-leavened breads slow down fermentation and increase digestibility (the grains are essentially pre-digested through the fermentation process).

Some customers are surprised to learn that our breads are “sourdough” because they don’t taste especially sour.  Our goal is to make breads that are full-flavored and nuanced—we want you to taste the sweetness and complexity of the grains themselves.  We are able to accomplish this through precise fermentation practices that include a long, cold fermentation in a refrigerator.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of baking naturally-leavened breads as artisan bakers have for generations.  Enjoy the breads!!


We are taking pre-orders again for pickup at all of our sales locations for quantities of:

Five (5) or more loaves of bread

Ten (10) or more pastries.

PLEASE send us an email charlie@laughingtreebakery.com (or call 231-873-9820) by Tuesday at 6pm

More information at our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laughing-Tree-Brick-Oven-Bakery/135813859786385?ref=ts

HAVE YOU TRIED OUR GRANOLA LATELY?  Choose from: Mountain Crunch Granola (pure vanilla, toasted almonds, and organic coconut oil) and Laughing Tree Peanut Butter Granola (all-natural PB, pure vanilla, and Michigan honey).

Baked in our wood-fired brick oven several days after the intense bread-baking heat has dissipated.  This ensures that the nutrients in the grains and seeds remain intact!  Please note, these granolas are SWEETENED ONLY WITH MICHIGAN HONEY!  There is absolutely no refined sugar in them.  They are both wonderful with milk or yogurt or as part of a trail mix.  Our children love them!  We often have samples of each variety available at market—come have a taste!


Homesteader’s Wheat (An extraordinary light wheat bread with a wonderfully chewy crust) $5.00

Oceana Round  ( Rustic Italian country bread) $5.00

 Third Coast Three Seed  (Sunnies, Sesames, and Flax in a light wheat) $5.50

The Michigander (made with Michigan-grown whole wheat—dark and soulful) $5.50

Annie’s Raisin Spice (sweet organic raisins, organic cinnamon, and freshly ground cardamon) $6.00

Griff’s 8-Grain (Hearty, hearty! Eight organic grains and a bit of Michigan honey) $6.50

Finn’s Pecan Raisin Pecan (Jam packed with pecans and organic raisins) $8.25

Elbridge Parmesan Olive (Sumptuous parmesan and Kalamata black olives) $8.00

Irish Cheddar Peppercorn (Smooth Irish Cheddar accompanied by tongue tingling black pepper).  Price $8.00


Cobmoosa Onion Rye ( Carmelized organic onions, Michigan rye flour, and a hint of caraway) $6.00

Pastries available for Saturday:

Cranberry Orange Scones

Truly Ginger Scones

Michigan Cherry Scones

Lovely Lemon Scones

(All our scones are $2.25 each* and are handmade with our own fresh eggs, organic cream, and organic butter)

Deep Mud Brownies $2.75 each* (Our brownies are made with extraordinary Callebaut dark chocolate, our own fresh eggs, and Michigan grown organic barley flour—they are amazing!!)

Cherry Deep Mud Brownies  $3.00 The original Deep Mud Brownie infused with dried, Michigan cherries.

Hilltoppers (our NEW Molasses Ginger cookies…A 4oz cookie sweetened with golden molasses and bits of candied ginger)  $2.25 each *

Mrs. Moose’s Wangdangdoodlers $2.25 each-Chunks of chocolate and walnuts give this cookie texture into which one can sink their teeth with great fervor.

BAKER’S DOZEN:  If you order 12 pastries you’ll receive a 13th pastry FREE!

Liberty Family Farm & Bakery of Hart


Kale, chard, potatoes , peppers, carrots, and more..




Breakfast Cookies, Quiches, Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, Brownies and More…

NEW!  GLUTEN FREE MUFFINS “a must try!!”


Last but not least

Recipe Corner


We are a 2012 Double Up Food Bucks Market!

For new Bridge Card customers we have a special gift bag that includes a market tote, Kid Approved Cookbook, cutting board, veggie scrubber, and a $5.00 Sweetwater Gift Card to spend on anything at the market!


Thanks to a grant received from the Fair Food Network and others, Sweetwater will be offering Double Up Food Bucks to anyone using a Bridge Card at our market from June 2nd through November.  Click here to see how it works: http://sweetwaterlocalfoodsmarket.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/ffn_dufb-2012-faq-customer.pdf


Friends of the Market

If you would like to become a Friend of the Market for a suggested donation of $20.00, which entitles you to a free cup of coffee at every market you attend for a full year, please see me at the market this Saturday! We will also have  Higher Grounds Coffee by the Cup for a suggested donation of $1.00.


Have a great end of summer Labor Day Weekend, eat healthy and hope to see you at the market!
Diana Jancek
Market Manager

Contact info: (231)292-1152, dijaan1@charter.net

We are a BRIDGE CARD Double Up Foods Bucks 2012 market!