Sweetwater Friday Update for Saturday August 14th Farmers Market

Sweetwater Local Foods Market

Saturday, August 14th, 2021
10:00am to 11:00am
Mercy Health Lakes Village
6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd.
Here’s your Friday Update! Sweetwater Curated has added (limited) pints of Better Way Certified OG Transitional Blueberries, Cheddar & White Cauliflower, Grape Tomatoes & Mixed Color Bell Peppers for walk in customers Saturday! Second week for Elderberries from Earthkeepers! Blackbird Farm will have a beautiful assortment of veggies for walk in sales on Saturday.

As always, if your time on Saturday is precious we won’t waste any of it! Shopping for the best in fresh, local & organic foods for your family is as easy as contacting the vendors with your pre-orders and stopping by the market on Saturday from 10am to 11am to pick it up! Of course, if you like to linger we’ll have plenty of things to buy without a preorder, so come on by!

If you’re new to the market, please see instructions along with the map at the bottom of this newsletter for more info on How to Place a Pre-Order & Pick Up at Market. We will also be sending out a Friday update email as a reminder and to list any new products.
Vendors attending Saturday August 14th :

Earthkeeper Farm of Kent City
Deadline 8am Friday.
All crops are Certified Naturally Grown on our farm in Kent City.
Fresh Elderberries
Elderberries are a nutritional powerhouse, known for their immune boosting compounds and health benefits. They are most often made into elderberry syrup, which can be taken to help prevent colds or lessen their severity. They can also be made into jellies, baked goods, and wine or fermented drinks.
By the pound: $8/lb on the stem or $9.50/lb de-stemmed
5lb boxes: $35 for 5lbs on the stem or $42 for 5lbs de-stemmed
Order by email or at http://www.earthkeeperfarm.com/store/p57/Elderberries_-_Bulk_5lbs%2C_Fresh%2C_Pre-order_for_August_pick_up.html
Please email Rachelle@earthkeeperfarm.com or call/text 616-403-0526 to place order. Payment can be made at market pick up with a check or cash. Or we can email you an invoice for online payment. Order deadline is 8am the Friday before market. More farm info at www.earthkeeperfarm.com
Thank you!

Blackbird Farms of Coopersville
Our indispensable crew member Forrest is looking forward to serving up a whole host of delicious veggies for walk-up sales at Saturday’s market!
This week we should have:
shishito peppers: Join the shishito revolution! Blister these little lovelies on a hot cast-iron skillet or over the grill with a little salt and pepper, dip in a little aioli, and enjoy with a cold, crisp beer. Believe me now and thank me later.
tomatoes: The very first of the season, and in limited quantities.
tomatillos: Make up a batch of salsa verde and slather over some grilled grass-fed pork chops. Trust Farmer Greg: This is very good.
green head lettuce
bok choi
summer squash
cherry tomatoes
green peppers
jalapeno peppers
“Yukon Gem” potatoes
sweet onions
And we just might have a few flower bouquets available as well…
Looking forward to seeing friends old and new this Saturday morning!
Greg Dunn
Blackbird Farms LLC

The Woven Farmstead of Muskegon
Products I’ll have Available for both pre-order & walk up on Saturday are:
Bundles+bunches $3 each or 3 for $8
-red Russian kale
-dwarf blue kale
-Tucson Kale
-purple curly kale
-green curly kale
-Collard greens
-Swiss chard
-lemon basil
-green and purple basil blend
-leaf fennel
-assorted summer squash
-Lunch Box Peppers
-Green Tomatoes
-small red onions
Please send pre-orders by email to:
I accept the following:
Venmo: @thewoventrifecta
PayPal: inquire@thewoventrifecta.com
Checks can be made out to Samantha Otto

Scholl Farms of Montague

All of our products are grown organically.
This week we will have:
RHUBARB: $2.50/lb
EGGS: Chicken: $5/doz. $12/flat (2 1/2 doz.)
Duck: $10/doz
POTATOES: Butterball, Red skins, Yellow: $5/qt. (No bulk orders at this time)
DRESSED BROILERS (frozen whole): $5.50/lb. (5-7 lbs) (state approx. size
Place orders via voice message at (231) 893-1311. Leave your name, phone
number and speak slow and clear.
Thanks so Much,
Stu and Connie

The Pasturage LLC of Montague

Julie Engel owns and operates The Pasturage, LLC. Our pigs and sheep range on 40 acres in Montague, MI.  The pigs eat certified organic grain (75% corn, 25% soy), are born on the farm, primarily roam in the woods, and get hay and baleage in the winter.  The sheep are 100% grass-fed, are moved daily to a new paddock in the summer, and are also born on the farm.  The sheep are Certified Grass-fed and Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World.
Highlight of the week: Fat back.  I don’t know about you, but I love a fried chicken picnic in the summer.  So what does this have to do with the fat from the back of a pig?  When rendered into lard, fatback makes the best frying medium, in my opinion. It’s so polite: it never splatters, it never smokes, it keeps its temperature.  The crispness it creates is unparalleled.  There are no unwanted flavor overtones, piggy or otherwise, nor does it leave a waxy film on the roof of your mouth.  Why did we ever leave such a grand thing behind?  We all know the maxim that fried food is bad for you, and we tried to make it less bad by substituting other… let’s just call it stuff.  Here’s my thing, though.  I say, eat whatever you want as long as you are coming from a place of emotional and physical balance.  So go ahead and eat fried chicken once this summer.  And if you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it right.  (I have recipes for rendering lard and frying chicken; just ask.)
Available this week:
Breakfast links.  $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
Italian links.  $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
Bratwurst.  $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
Garlic Bratwurst. $14.00lb.  Around a 1# package, natural casings.
Boneless Shoulder Roast.  $8.00lb.  Braise, appraise and rave.  Avg. 3.3
Bone-in Shoulder Roast. $8.00lb. Bone in, avg 2 – 2.75 lb per pkg
Neck Roast.  $8.00lb.  Wine and dine.  Avg 2 lbs per pack.
Sirloin Roast.  $14.00lb.  Melt in your mouth amazing.  1 per pack, boneless, netted, avg. 1.2 lbs per pack.
Bone-in Leg of lamb.  $10.00lb.  Epitome of a roast.  Around 4 lbs each.
Boneless Leg of lamb.  $10.00lb.  Any way you cut it: delicious.  Netted, range 3-4 lbs. per pack.
Shanks, 2″. $10.00lb. Beautiful Osso Bucco. Three 2” pcs ea
Shanks, whole. $10.00lb. 2 whole shanks, avg 1.5 – 1.8 per pkg
Do not be afraid of
Lamb Kidney.  *low stock, available as pre-order only* $5.00lb.  2 per pack, avg. 0.3 lbs per pack.
Lamb Tongue. $5.00lb.  Everyone’s favorite… 3 per pack, avg .58
Lamb Heart.  $5.00lb.  Aorta be standard fare.  Avg. 0.6 lbs per pkg.
Lamb Liver. $5.00lb. Conveniently pre-sliced in a reasonable package size. Avg 0.5lb
Cuts of the smaller variety
Half Rack.  $14.00lb.  Impressive cut, delectable meat.  4-5 ribs per pack, range 0.6-1.0 lbs. per pack.
Whole Rack.  $14.00lb. Get ready to Grill!!  8-9 ribs per pack, range 1-1.75 lbs per pack.
Loin Chop. $14.00lb. Avg wt .47lbs
Rib Chop. $14.00lb. Tender dollar-coin size bone in. 2 per pkg, avg 0.36 lb
Spare Ribs. $7.50lb. Not just for pork.  Range 1.2-2.2 lbs per pack.
Leg steak. $12.00lb. 1 per pkg, bone-in, straight cut. .44 – .68lb
Shoulder Steak. $8.00lb. 2 steaks per pkg, .75 – 1.1lb ea
Sirloin Steak. $14.00lb. 1 per pkg, avg .77lb ea
Can’t go wrong freezer stand-by’s
Stew Meat.  $12.00lb. 1lb pkg.
Ground Lamb. $12.00. Makes the best shepherd pie. 1lb tube
Andouille. $10.00ea. Classic creole style. 1lb pkg, 5 links per pkg.
Brats. $10.00ea. Classic recipe. 1lb pkg of 5 links.
OUT Brats, Jalapeno. $10.00ea.  Medium heat. 1lb pkg 5 links per pkg.
Chorizo. $10.00ea. Traditional Mexican style. 1lb pkg 5 links per pkg.
Italian Sausage Links. $10.00ea. More hot than sweet. 1lb, 5 links
Kielbasa. $10.00ea. German style. 1lb pkg, 5 links per pkg.
Bulk Breakfast sausage.  $10.00ea.  Same recipe as the links but in a 1 lb. tube.
New! Pork Butt Roast.  $9.00lb.  Halved.  Just under 2 pounds.
OUT Pork Shoulder Roast.  $9.00lb.  Halved.  Just over 2 pounds.
Do not be afraid of
Fat Back. $3.00lb.  My favorite for deep frying.
Leaf fat. $5.00lb. Great for flaky pastry. 1.5 – 4lbs per pkg
Ham Hocks, smoked. $6.00lb Two hocks per pkg, range 0.5-1.5#
Back! Hocks, fresh.  $5.00lb. Two per pack, range 1.5-2lbs.
Pork Heart. $5.00lb. One per pkg. .75 – 1.25lb
Pork Kidney. *low stock, available as pre-order only* $5.00lb. One or two per pkg. .25 – .75lb
Pork Neck Bones. $4.00lb. Great for stock 8-12 2” pcs, 1.25 – 2lbs
Pork Liver. *low stock, available as pre-order only* $5.00lb. Clean flavor.
Trotters (aka pig feet).  $5lb.  Collagen-rich.  Makes you look 10 years younger! 2 per pack.   Avg. 0.75lbs per pack.
Cuts of the smaller variety
Back! Ham Slice.  $10.00/lb.  So easy, practically serves itself for dinner.Range 0.75-1.5 lbs per pkg.
OUT Bacon. $10.00ea. Thick slice, hickory smoked. 1lb pkg
Back! Pork Chops. $10.00lb. 3/4″ thick, 2 per pkg. Range 0.5 – 1.5lb
Back! Pork Steak.  $10.00lb.  3/4″ thick, 2 per pkg.  Range 0.5-1.5lbs/pkg.
Can’t go wrong freezer stand-by’s
OUT Ground Pork. $7.00ea. 1lb tube.
To order:
Text or call 231 288 6112
Email thepasturage@gmail.com
Please do so by Friday at 4pm.  Look for a confirmation via whatever method you contacted me.  Thank you!
To pay:
Cash or check (made out to The Pasturage, LLC) on Saturday at pick up.
Or I can email you an online link to pay via credit card beforehand.
Thank you so much for your patronage.

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
We will accept orders until 5pm on Friday. I will plan to get totals emailed out by 8:30pm.  If you don’t get a response from me, please contact me. We accept cash or check payable to Pine Row Farm.
100% grass fed beef:
NY strip steaks $13.75/#
Rib steaks $13.75/#
Sirloin tip roasts $10/#
Ground sirloin $10/#
Sirloin sizzlers $10/#
Brisket $8/#
Arm, rolled rump, or English roasts $7.50/#
Chuck roasts $7.50/#
Ground round $7/#
Ground beef $6.50/#
Stew meat $8/#
Short ribs $6.50/#
Shank $5/#
Suet $1/#
Tongue $5.50/#
Soup bones $2/#
We have halves available for Saturday pick up, or there’s a waiting list for fall halves and quarters. Please contact us for more information!
Our poultry is all free range with certified organic feed available.
Aracauna chicken eggs: $6/dozen
We have the following honey:
Plastic squeeze bottles:
12 oz bear $6
1# raw $8
2# $12
Glass canning jars:
Half pint raw $6
Pint raw $10
Quart raw $16
Old fashioned boiled maple syrup, powered by wood! Glass jars only. Mother Hubbard’s maple syrup: 
Quarts $16
Pints $10
Kasza Sugar Bush Maple Syrup 
Glass containers.
Gallons $55
Quarts $16
Our Idaho Pasture Pigs are growing nicely while roaming a large fenced area behind the house. Our next batch of pork may well take until early 2022. We do already have a waiting list. Please contact us if you wish to be added. We sell pork by the half only.
See you Saturday!
Sarah (and Bill and the kids),

Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery of Hart
If you didn’t get a preorder in on time we will have a limited supply of breads & pastries for walk up sales.

Sweetwater Curated Local Foods of Muskegon
Available for walk in sales Saturday:
Better Way Farms of South Haven
Certified OG Transitional Blueberries Pints $5.00
Stutzman Family Farm of Blanchard
All veg certified organic:
White or Cheddar Cauliflower $3.50lb
Romanesco Broccoli $3.50lb
Mixed color Bell Peppers
Grape Tomato Pints $3.50 ea limited quantities


Forest Finds of Muskegon
We will be back on August 21st In the meantime,
Check out the Etsy shop at
Etsy.com/shop/forestfindslove, available for pick up at Sweetwater market, or contact me at ForestFinds@yahoo.com
Call or text 616-834-3233

Earthscape Farm of Hesperia
We are butchering more beef.  Contact us if you are interested in a quarter.  earthscapefarm@gmail.com .  You can have it cut and wrapped however you would like if you order in the next few weeks!
CONTACT: Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421
email earthscapefarm@gmail.com

Liberty Farm & Bakery of Hart
We have too many things going on this week and won’t be able to make it to market until next Saturday, the 21st. Sorry and thanks for your patience.


1. Look over the list. Each vendor has a unique deadline for when they need to receive your pre-order depending on their product. Send your pre-order by email to each vendor you want to order from, within their required deadlines.
2. Vendors will respond back by no later than Friday before market day with an order confirmation and an invoice that in most cases will allow you to pre-pay for your order. If a vendor is not set up to take payment online they will accept checks (preferred) or cash in a sealed envelope on market day pickup.

If you have not already done so you may want to sign up for the newsletter
to be informed of the pre-order schedule for the next market.
If you have questions about info in this newsletter
please email them to sweetwaterlocalfoods@gmail.com
We are not able to respond through Tiny Letter