Sweetwater Celebrates St. Pat’s Day with Irish Band this Saturday!

Irish Musicians to Perform at Sweetwater Saturday March 14th!

Tiki O'Riley at the Ada Parks Farm Festival Fall 2008
Tiki O'Riley at the Ada Parks Farm Festival Fall 2008

Q: What do you get when you throw together a half-dozen fiddlers, assorted guitars, a penny whistle or two, flutes, dulcimers, string bass, mandolins, and bodhrans (Irish drums), and sprinkle with a liberal dose of Guinness?
A: Tiki O’Riley!

On Saturday, March 14th from 9:30 to 12:30 the Sweetwater Local Foods Market will feature (minus the Guinness) Tiki O’Riley, a loose-knit group of West Michigan musicians who play Irish “session” music – traditional tunes often played in Irish pubs. Their “performances” are generally run as inclusive, informal open sessions where anyone can join in.

“Irish music brought us together as friends,” said Tiki “Ringleader” Bobbi Sabine, of Grand Haven, a fiddler. “We met out at Fenian’s Pub in Conklin, playing the Wednesday night sessions there, and have developed great friendships. None of us are professional musicians, but we have great fun playing together – what the Irish call craic, meaning a good time.”

Songs are traditional Irish, old time, bluegrass, polkas, folk type music, including instrumentals and singing. You can hear a sampling on www.myspace.com/tikioriley.