Superbowl 2012: It’s All About the Locally Grown Food!

If you want to score big with your Superbowl party guests we've got lots of ideas!

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, February 4th, 9:00am to 1:00pm
 Mercy Health Partners/Hackley Health at the Lakes
On Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd. Exit. 1st Bldg North of Pontaluna Rd.

At this week’s market:


New Vendor!

Lombard Farm of Montague

Heidi and her husband Pat Lombard have been farming in the Montague area for  3 generations and are raising the fourth generation of young farmers. They’ve been a grade A dairy operation for many years. Heidi will join us this week with:

Eggs! Our mixed flock (Barred Rock, Buffs, Aruacana, Isa Browns & Rhode Island Red) chickens are pampered with milk from our grass-fed Grade A dairy cows.

Heidi will also bring her single serving homemade pies with organic raspberries and farmhouse style loaves of bread from organic white, wheat, rye & oatmeal flours with molasses, real salt and made on the farm, GMO-free butter and eggs.


Maple Moon Farm of Shelby

GREENS! Warm Weather means hoop house greens!!! Spinach, Beet Greens, Turnip Greens, Arugula, Salad Turnips from the hoophouse. Fresh dug carrots!

Potatoes, onions, and garlic out of storage.

Also some Jam, Jelly, Dried herbs, and some of Amanda’s amazing salves.

See you there!

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Liberty Family Farm and Bakery of Hart


Tim will be picking greens and a variety will be available.

EGGS FOR SALE  Our hens are happy and laying!

Turkey Sausage new flavors available.


Many Valentine’s Day goodies this week.

Our delicious QUICHES in many flavors also, along with GF options.

Vegan Cookies.   Regular and GF Breakfast Cookies.

Morning Glory Muffins and Brownies.

Delicious Morning Pastries.

Granola.  Hope to see you there!

Eggs-  Lots of eggs!  The hens  are happy and warm!

Turkey Sausage some still available.


Earthscape Farm of Hesperia

VEGGIES ~ Fresh dug Carrots!  Butternut Squash  .75 per lb!  Savoy, Red and regular green Cabbages, Celeriac, 3 kinds of Potatoes. I might bring some onions, too.
BEEF ~  Pre-orders accepted.  Email me for a price list. Please email or call by 5pm on Friday.

BEEF SALE:   Beef Hearts and liver are $2 per lb. GROUND BEEF!  20 PACKAGES, $4.25 per lb. That’s .25 OFF per lb!!  Pre-ordered only, please.

Other cuts available this week:

  • We have lean Ground Beef!
  • Chuck, Arm and Rolled Rump Roasts
  • Bone-In Porterhouse, T-bone, and Rib Steaks
  • Boneless New York Strip, Tenderloin, Sirloin and Rib Eye Steaks
  • Cubed Steak, Stew Meat & Short Ribs
  • Heart, Liver, Tongue, Oxtail.
  • Soup Bones

Our steers are in large pens for the winter so they get outdoors and exercise every day.  They are getting all our quality hay they can eat, plus a little home-grown ear corn, mostly just in winter. Feeding cows small amounts of good grains are like humans eating small portions of dessert.  It’s ok for them as long as grass and legumes are their main diet.  The steers are hung to age and processed by Ebel’s Meats in Falmouth, a family-run USDA operation.

ORGANIC OLIVE OIL from Palestine! 500 ML Bottles.  Organic, Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed.  This oil is imported by Higher Grounds Coffee.

HIGHER GROUNDS COFFEE in 1# bags.  New Shipment! Certified organic, Fair Trade. Various types, beans or ground, dark or light roast, full caf, half caf or decaf. Try a cup at the Sweetwater Market table!


Creswick Farms of Ravenna

Pasture Raised, Antibiotic & Hormone Free, Artisanal Meats

Steve & Char, our Muskegon Farmers Market vendors, will be attending Sweetwater Mkt. Diana will still process Sweetwater pre-orders and will return as our representative in Spring, when Steve & Char return to Muskegon.

Please note: We will be revising our product list to include more products than before, the list below is just a sampling of what we will have on hand at Sweetwater this Saturday!


We are happy to announce that in recognition of our quality, authenticity and contribution to the sustainability of the food supply of West Michigan, we have been awarded the “Snail of Approval” by Slow Foods West Michigan! It doesn’t change anything, it’s just something cool we wanted to share with you!!

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NEW PRODUCTS! By customer request we now have 1# pkgs of ground deli ham and ground old fashioned bologna sandwich spread mix! Ready for you to add your favorite condiments!

Flank Steak

Ground Beef in 1 lb. packages
Ground Beef patties

Gourmet Burger Patties. 2/3 ground beef and 1/3 bacon. Yum!

Corned Beef Hash! Perfect for when you want a quick meal, with potatoes and spice already added, or add eggs for breakfast! 1# pkg.

Apple Chicken Sausage Links

Chicken Breasts, boneless, skinless

Chicken Leg Quarters
Chicken Patties. 1# 4/pr pkg.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork Chops
Bacon, Apple & Hickory Smoked
Breakfast Sausage Bulk & Links

Italian Bulk Sausage

Old Fashoned Ring Bologna

German Thuringer

Garlic Kielbasa Sausage
Deli Ham Sandwich Slices

Deli Sliced Old Fashioned Sandwich Bologna.

Pepperoni Slices

Pancetta. Italian style, cured, seasoned & spiral sliced in small bundles.
Prosciutto 1/4lb $7.50

EGGS Large. No soy in chicken feed. $3.25 a dozen.

PRE-ORDERS. Space limitations force us to carry only the most asked for meats. If you want to be sure to get the meats you want every week, PRE-ORDERING is the way to go.  Take a look at the complete product list here:
Email or call Diana Jancek at  or (231)292-1152 no later than midnight on the Monday evening before the next market and she will have it ready for you to pick up on Saturday

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Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery of Hart

Our breads are all made from 100% organic flours and grains.  Nearly all of our breads are naturally-leavened using a levain that we cultivate on site in our bakery.  All of our doughs undergo a long, slow fermentation process that produces extraordinarily flavorful and easily digestible breads.  The grand finale:  our breads are baked in a handbuilt ,wood-fired brick oven which creates loaves of amazing texture and beauty!


Cobmoosa Onion Rye ( Carmelized organic onions, Michigan rye flour, and a hint of caraway) $6.00


Homesteader’s Wheat (A light wheat bread with a wonderfully chewy crust) $5.00

Oceana Round  ( Rustic Italian country bread) $5.00

 Third Coast Three Seed  (Sunnies, Sesames, and Flax in a light wheat) $5.50

Annie’s Raisin Spice (sweet organic raisins, organic cinnamon, and freshly ground cardamon) $6.00

The Michigander (made with Michigan-grown whole wheat—dark and soulful) $5.50

Griff’s 8-Grain (Hearty, hearty! Eight organic grains and a bit of Michigan honey) $6.50

Finn’s Pecan Raisin Pecan (Jam packed with pecans and organic raisins) $8.25

Elbridge Parmesan Olive (Sumptuous parmesan and Kalamata black olives) $8.00

Irish Cheddar Peppercorn (Smooth Irish Cheddar and tongue-tingling organic black pepper) $8.00

Pastries for Saturday:  We will be baking our Cranberry Orange Scones, Truly Ginger Scones, Lemon Poppyseed Scones, and our Michigan Cherry Scones.  All of our scones are made with organic butter and cream, fresh eggs, and a pinch of organic sugar. Deep Mud Brownies.

***HAVE YOU TRIED OUR GRANOLA LATELY?  We make two different varieties of granola including:

MOUNTAIN CRUNCH GRANOLA:  organic oats, organic sunflower seeds, organic coconut, sliced almonds, Michigan honey, organic coconut oil, pure vanilla, sea salt. $6.00/pound

LAUGHING TREE PEANUT BUTTER GRANOLA:  organic oats, organic sunflower seeds, organic coconut, Michigan honey, Michigan-made peanut butter, organic coconut oil, pure vanilla, sea salt. $6.00/ pound

Both of these granolas are baked in our wood-fired brick oven after the intense bread-baking heat has dissipated (after several days).  They are baked at a low temperature to ensure that the nutrients in the grains and seeds remain intact!  Please note, these granolas are SWEETENED ONLY WITH MICHIGAN HONEY!  There is absolutely no refined sugar in them.  They are both wonderful with milk or yogurt or as part of a trail mix.  Our children love them!  Come have a taste…  At least one variety will be available at the market each week.

We are truly honored to bake for you and your family.

Hilde and Charlie Muller


Hickory Ridge Family Farm

New!! This week we are introducing our latest creation: Merquez Sausage! This 100% grass-fed lamb sausage comes from a North African recipe. Packaged in Brat size links.

We will also have frozen turkey thighs and wings.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a half or whole pig we will be bringing our pigs to be processed next week. Our pigs are all pasture raised, and during winter are fed hay.

For more information call Will at  (231) 794-7936.


Shady Side Farm of Holland

Mike will be bringing certified organic pinto, black turtle and black valentine beans to market, as well as freshly ground cornmeal from our certified organic corn. He’ll also have along wool roving for spinning or felting, some yarn for your latest project, and an assortment of handmade socks and rugs.

Check out our farm blog at:

Check out Lona’s Etsy shop here:


Liberty Family Farm and Bakery of Hart


Tim will be picking greens and a variety will be available.

EGGS FOR SALE  Our hens are happy and laying!

Turkey Sausage new flavors available.


Many Valentine’s Day goodies this week.

Our delicious QUICHES in many flavors also, along with GF options.

Vegan Cookies.   Regular and GF Breakfast Cookies.

Morning Glory Muffins and Brownies.

Delicious Morning Pastries.

Granola.  Hope to see you there!

Eggs-  Lots of eggs!  The hens  are happy and warm!

Turkey Sausage some still available.


Bees & Botanicals of Spring Lake

Pretty, Practical & Organic products for the home

Certified Organic Soap– Great selection of all the favorites available such as Lemongrass Tea, Oats & Spice & Lavender.
Local Honey!  Several sizes to choice from. Not over heated or over filtered.
Nature does it best with Michigan beeswax candles from tea lights to tapers.  Bright and long burning,
Organic Lavender Sachets
Hand made cards & gift tags for bags, Gift boxes/w card for organic soap.


Pet Chef Lakeshore

Pet Chef Express quality dry kibble pet food. Made with high quality proteins, no meat byproducts, seven different vegetables, kelp, flax, oatmeal for healthy immune systems, pre- and probiotics for digestive health, omega 6 & 3 oils for a shiny healthy coat, glucosamine/chondroitin for joint health, low temperature cooking process to .prevent heat damage. Contains NO artificial preservatives, NO wheat, corn, soy, cereal fillers, artificial coloring.

Six specialty formulas for dogs with sensitive digestion and food allergies to cater to your pet’s need from weaning through all life stages:

• Puppy

• Chicken & Rice

• Lamb & Rice

• Salmon & Rice

• Grain Free

• Adult Lean

Three formulas for cats:

• Super Premium Kitten/young cat formula

• Premium Adult Cat

• Lean Cat

Pet Chef Express food is manufactured FRESH each month, and I deliver direct to the consumer with FREE HOME DELIVERY. Not available in retail stores, never sits in warehouses. Free samples available to take home.


Also available Cloud Star All Natural Dog Treats, no artificial preservatives, coloring, no soy or corn, salt, sugar, or dairy.  Available in Peanut Butter, Roasted chicken, Bacon and Cheese, gluten free Cheese and Potato, and low fat Yogurt, Apple Banana flavors.

Wild crafted dried Catnip and catnip toys available for our feline friends.

Your pets trust you to make the right decisions for their health and nutrition. Let your pet decide!


Last but not least

Table Talk!

We invite local organizations as well as small locally-based businesses with a food, health and/ or environment based interest to come and tell you who they are and what they are doing in our community! If you or someone you know would like to come be a part of Table Talk please contact market manager at 231 292-1152 or email at


At this week’s Table Talk:

Taking the Next Step: Sweetwater Center for Organic Opportunity!

We are finally getting ready to launch our new organization, and this Saturday we are asking you to help us! In order to file for a 501C3 designation we need to raise at least $300. Please stop by and learn more about how you can become involved in helping to grow the movement towards a local, sustainable food system!


Friends of the Market

Sweetwater Thanks & Hugs to newest Friend of the MarketPenny Henderson for her contribution!

As always, if you would like to become a Friend of the Market for a suggested donation of $20.00, which entitles you to a free cup of coffee at every market you attend for a full year, please see me at the market this Saturday! We will also have  Higher Grounds Coffee by the Cup for a suggested donation of $1.00.


Hope to see you at the market.
Diana Jancek
Market Manager

We are an authorized Bridge Card farmers market!