It’s Spring! Sweetwater What’s New at the Market Saturday April 28

Sweetwater Local Foods Market
Saturday, April 28th, 2018
9:00am to 12:00 noon
Mercy Health Lakes Campus
On 6401 Harvey St. at US31/Pontaluna Rd. Exit. 1st Bldg North of Pontaluna Rd.
Vendors with * Accept Credit & Debit Cards

Special deal for first 10 customers – see end of newsletter at Market Info booth listing!

Attending this week’s market: 

September’s Flowers of Montague
We will have beautiful bouquets of Ranunculus & Anemone at the Scholl Farm booth!

Scholl Farm of Montague
We will be at Market with:
Fresh eggs from chickens, ducks and geese.
Our birds are free range during day light hours. Their diet is supplemented with local
certified organic feed from Grice Farms.
Stu and Connie

Shady Side Farm of Holland
*Accepts debit/credit cards.
On Saturday, choose from our farm’s certified organic beans:
Bean Medley – A mixture of several of our beans, good for soup.
Black Turtle – Common black bean with a thick skin and a meaty texture.
Hidatsa Red – Similar to a kidney bean but with a slightly nutty taste, these beans are good in salads, chilis, soups or served with grains.
Painted Lady – Slightly sweet, with a smooth, creamy texture.
Yellow Indian Women – These buttery beans retain their shape well, and are less starchy than some other beans. Good all purpose bean.
Zebra – Smooth, creamy texture, full-bodied flavor, good all-purpose bean.
Or choose from the varieties we’ve swapped to obtain from another farmer from the thumb area of Michigan. Kevin from Sheridan Acres is transitioning to organic, and his beans have been grown without the use of chemicals. These varieties include:
Black Calypso – Plump, with creamy texture. Slightly nutty, mellow taste, something like a russet potato.
Dapple Grey – You’ll have to let me know about these beans—I haven’t cooked with them yet!
Hutterite Soup – Comfort food, cook fast, creamy soup, baby food.
Pinto – Earthy flavor, great in Mexican cooking, falls apart under long cooking.
If you are interested in bulk orders of beans (5# or more of any one kind), please email me to inquire about prices and to place your order.
Corn Meal & Grits/Polenta — Our certified organic corn is Wapsie Valley, which is a yellow & red open pollinated (non-GMO) corn that dates back to the 1850s. After harvest we carefully clean our corn, removing broken kernels and other seeds that have gotten mixed in. It’s then delivered to the DeZwaan Windmill in Holland, where it is stone ground and made into grits/polenta or corn meal. Since no preservatives are added, it’s best to keep our corn products refrigerated or frozen. For more info on hybrid & open pollinated see
Wool Products — I’ll have dryer balls along, but if there is something else you are interested in (socks, mittens, yarn, roving), please send me an email to let me know. I can’t take everything, and your emails help me to know what to take along…
Shady Side Farm

Liberty Family Farm and Bakery of Hart
*We accept Debit/Credit Cards!
New! Tulip bouquets this week from our hoop house!!
New! Radish Microgreens & Pea Microgreens
Spinach from the Hoop house!
Fresh Eggs
Pastured Poultry
Whole Chickens
Pastured Pork
Italian Brats
Pork Chops
Loin Roasts
Pork Steaks
Nitrate Free Ham slices
Ham hocks
Butt Roasts
Grass Fed Beef
Soup Bones
Bakery Offerings
Morning Glory Muffins
Banana Bread
Paleo Cookies
Fresh Quiche
Breakfast Cookies
Look forward to seeing you at the Market!
Look for us on Facebook & Instagram

Pine Row Farm of Rothbury
100% grass fed beef
Hot dogs
Snack sticks
Ground beef
Ground sirloin
Stew meat
Short ribs
Soup bones
On sale this week: short ribs, $5/lb.
Eggs! Duck, Muscovy, and goose, from our flock of free range poultry with certified organic feed available to them.
Nice selection of honey too.
Bill will be at the market this week if the weather cooperates for soccer.

Fresco Mercato of Muskegon
*We accept Credit/Debit Cards!
New! Rigatoni in Lemon Pepper & Tomato Basil!
Along with my 3 organic pastas:
Garlic Parmesan, Tomato Basil & Lemon Pepper.
New! I will have Gluten free available in all 3 flavors
Garlic Parmesan
Lemon Pepper
Tomato Basil

Laughing Tree Bakery of Hart
Greetings from Laughing Tree Bakery!
Please note that beginning May 5th our scone price will change to $3.00/each.
We hope that will continue to enjoy these treats that we hand-make with many organic
ingredients including the flour, sugar, cream, butter, eggs, and spices!
Cheddar Peppercorn: Smooth Vermont cheddar and organic black pepper. $8.00
Cobmoosa Onion Rye: Caramelized Michigan onions and a bit of ground caraway. $7.00
**All the grains and flours we use are certified ORGANIC.
Morning Buns: Our naturally-leavened cinnamon rolls made with pecans, cinnamon, and an
organic sugar glaze. $3.50 each.
Deep Mud Brownies: Our brownies are made with Callebaut dark chocolate, fresh organic eggs,
and Michigan-grown organic barley flour—they are extremely deep and dark… $3.25 each
Pecan Maple Oaties: The quintessential oatmeal-raisin cookie made with real Michigan maple
syrup, pecans, and organic raisins $3.00 each.
Hilltoppers: A spicy cookie sweetened with golden molasses and bits of candied ginger. $3.00
Treehuggers: The one and only quarter-pound peanut-buttery original with organic dark
chocolate chips. Sweetened with Michigan maple and honey. $3.00
Whangdangdoodlers: A cookie as memorable as its name… Made with organic walnuts and
dark chocolate batons—this one will absolutely WOW your tastebuds! $3.00
$2.50 each
Truly Ginger Scones
Michigan Cherry Scones
Blueberry Scones
Cranberry Orange Scones
Lovely Lemon Scones
Hilde and Charlie Muller
Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery
231-873- 9820

Bodhi Tree Market of Spring Lake
*We accept credit & debit cards!
We will also have all our cold pressed juices, Switchel and wellness shots.
FB: @bodhitreejuiceco
Instagram: @bodhitreejuiceco

Never Better Naturals of Twin Lake 
*We accept credit & debit cards!
You have two weeks until Mother’s Day! We will make it easy on you and even provide the gift wrapping (recycled and biodegradable, of course!).  Come and see us at market for details!
We will bring:
*Plant based Perfumes
*Herbal tooth scrub
*Face Wash varieties
*Organic Bar Soap
*Whipped Body Butters
*Turn Back Time Facial Serum
*Cell Renew Night Cream
*Lip Butters
*Baby Care (Baby Butter and Diaper Balm)
*Immunity Support Rollers
*Pain Banish Rub
*7 Herb Healing Salve (rashes, Eczema, bug bites, burns, etc.)
*Scar Abating Salve
*SUNSCREEN & BUG SPRAY ARE BACK! (limited amount)
*Sinus Rescue Sticks
*Laundry Wash (4 scents)
*Bacteria Balancing Hand Wash
*Sanitizing Spray for hands and surfaces
Stop by to try samples or ask questions!  I’m happy to customize. 🙂
Also find my products at Natures Helping Hand,  4543 Grand Haven Road, Norton Shores

Market Info Booth 
Special deal!  $5 in market bucks to the first 10 customers who stop by our info booth and answer this week’s question: Alternate Universe! Three words in this week’s newsletter have interesting other meanings. Name all three!
1. This is the Grand Duchy of Moscow, the Tsardom of Russia.
2.This is a style of Afro-Caribbean music which originated in Trinidad.
3. He helped to negotiate a treaty that stopped the government from relocating his tribe from Lowell MI to Kansas.

Not attending this week:
Earthscape Farm of Hesperia 
We will not be at Market Saturday, April 28th.  We will see you next week, or at the Farm!
*We accept credit & debit card!
GRASS FED BEEF SALE!  Pick up at the Farm.
WE HAVE  QUARTERS OF BEEF for sale!  They can be picked up at our Farm on Friday, May 4th in the afternoon.
Patrice and Bill Bobier
4220 E. Loop Rd.
Hesperia, MI  49421
Three Speed Coffee of Grand Haven
*We accept credit & debit cards!
See you next week.
Chad & Lorie
Otherworldly Botanicals of Grand Haven
*We accept credit & debit cards!
Check out my Etsy at
Or email me at for pickup between markets.