This really is good food news!

Could there be better news than that our new First Lady is leading the way to a healthy, local food system for this country?

From NY Times today:

The first lady took the opportunity to put in a pitch for local and sustainable food and for healthy eating, a recurring theme of hers during the campaign and since she arrived in Washington.

When food is grown locally, she said, “oftentimes it tastes really good, and when you’re dealing with kids, you want to get them to try that carrot.”

“If it tastes like a real carrot, and it’s really sweet, they’re going to think that it’s a piece of candy,” she continued. “So my kids are more inclined to try different vegetables if they are fresh and local and delicious.”

Sweetwater on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day & Sweet Sounds at Sweetwater!

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Valentine’s Day Vendors Include:
earthly-kneads-val-day-2-14-09Earthly Kneads of Muskegon
This Saturday, we will be at the shop and also at the Sweetwater Market. I’ve been busy whipping up some special items for Valentine’s Day. The smell of chocolate is in the air! We have homemade chocolate peanut butter bars (like peanut butter cups, but with dark chocolate and Naturally Nutty’s peanut butter) and our infamous chocolate cheesecakes (super creamy, crustless, and gluten free!) on the menu, plus other goodies, too. By Saturday, I hope to have some fudge covered chocolate baby cakes that are filled with honey goat cheese and some yummy Food for Thought preserves. Double Chocolate Espresso Bread is making an appearance this weekend, too. There will be cookies, cookies, and more cookies, too! The cheesecakes are in limited supply, so please call us at 231-728-6383 to reserve yours. You may order other items in advance over the phone, too.
Creswick Farms of Ravenna
Handcrafted Sausages and Specialty Meats
Fresh-Aire Pastured Pork.
Hickory Smoked Nitrite-Free Bacon, Boneless Pork Chops, Pork Breakfast sausage in links & bulk. Soup Seasoning Bacon Ends.
Pork Sausages: Garlic Kielbasa
Chicken Sausages include: Apple/Chicken Sausage Links and Chicken with Spinach & Feta Cheese.
Lamb Sausages: Moroccan Lamb Sausage.
Pastured Chicken
Ground Chicken is all that will be available until close to spring.
Grass-fed Beef
Filet Mignon, Round Roast and Ground Beef in 1 lb pkg and 1/3 lb. Beef Burgers 3/pkg
Beef Snack Sticks.
New Product! If you’re as tired and worried as we are about problems with contamination of our pets food, there’s hope! Creswick Farms is now offering a ½# package of ground beef, lamb, & chicken for $2.00! Meat is frozen, uncooked. Cooked or raw, add your own fresh greens and cooked rice and you have a great locally made food your pets will devour!

Earthscape/Full Circle Farm of Hesperia
earthscape-val-day-2-14-09Higher Grounds Coffee! Certified Organic, Fair-Trade coffees, including decaf, half-caf, expresso roast, ground & whole bean.
Bobier Farm-Raised Beef ~ Ground Beef, beef liver and beef heart. We will have a fresh supply of beef (by the piece/pound and quarters) at the February 28th market.
Pork ~ We have 1/2 side of pork available for sale. Call or email if you are interested.
Organic Olive Oil! These oils are imported from all over the world. They are grown, pressed and bottled on small organic farms. Incredible quality! Check out
Now in stock:
Mansur 375 ml $15; 750 ml $25
Villa Stabbia 375 ml $25
Catalan 250 ml $16; 500 ml $24
Moutere Grove 250 ml $20; 500 ml $35
Steve n’ Sons Grassfields Farm of Coopersville
Certified Organic raw milk cheeses in the Dutch process tradition.
Fait Gras is back! Our new Euro-style gouda has been selling out fast. We will also have Gouda, Gouda with Dill, Leyden (Gouda with Cumin), Gouda Spice (garlic & onion), Edam, and Lamont Cheddar.
Ag and Health Alive of Marne
From Nantucket Bread Company of Grand Rapids: Chilled Whole Wheat Pizza Dough! Sold in single size bags, just roll out on a pizza tin, let rise a bit and then add your favorite toppings! Also: Whole Wheat Raisin Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Seven-Grain Sourdough bread, Cranberry Walnut bread and Health Muffins. Made of whole grain organic flours.
Again this week! Duck Eggs. Fed certified organic feed. Find out why many bakers insist on using Duck Eggs.
Lamb! This week at the market: We have individual cuts of lamb in chops, roasts, ground lamb, stew meat and shanks. We are an authorized Fertrell Dealer and have a huge list of available organic garden supplies.
Olson Farm of Shelby
olson-farm-2-14-09Taste of Spring Maple Syrup. Making maple syrup from the over 300 trees on the farm has been an Olson tradition for three generations now.
Potatoes. Red Norland, Pontiac and Reddale Red potatoes, the Butte White Baking Potato; and Swedish, Russian & Banana fingerling potatoes.
Onions. Red Zeppelin and white keeping onions.  olson-farm-hh-kids-2-14-09
Happy Hill Farm of Hart
Turkey Sausage and Ground Turkey . Breakfast, Italian, Brat & Chorizo. Breakfast & Italian in links/andor bulk. Turkeys were fed certified organic feed.
Ducks! Young and tender. The drakes weigh about 6 lbs.; the hens are just over 3 lbs.
Pastured turkey: Fed certified organic grain. We will have frozen packaged thighs, drumsticks, breast roast, sliced breast, and tenderloin.
Pastured chicken: Two options: Frozen chicken fed certified organic grains or chicken fed our own 2nd year transition corn. We have all cuts—whole, cut up, bone-in and boneless skinless breast, drumsticks, thighs, leg quarters and wings, soup stock, feet, liver, hearts and gizzards. All of our meats are raised on pasture with daily moves, and are processed on farm: no stressful transporting.
Stewing Hens. Hens retired from laying eggs make the best chicken soup in the world! Simmer these gals for several hours and you have genuine old-fashioned chicken! Or roast on high in the crockpot with no water for 8-12 hours for scrumptious roasted chicken!
Rabbit. Whole, frozen. Raised by David Filbrun on the farm.
Pastured Eggs. Large Eggs from free-range chickens.
Abundant Harvest Bakery of Hart  abundant-hvst-2-14-09
Valentine's Day goodies at Abundant Harvest!Valentine’s Day goodies at Abundant Harvest!  abundant-hvst-val-day-menu-2-14-09

Martinus Maple Syrup of West Olive
We learned the art of sugaring off via apprenticeship from an elderly neighbor, and it was soon in our blood. Our home-operation started in the early 1990s, and moved indoors into our sugar shack in 2001. Yearly, we tap about 80 trees, and with 150 taps, produce on average, 25 gallons.
Bill and Shirley Martinus
17300 Beach Ridge Way
West Olive, MI 49460

Locally made products good for the body and spirit!

Under the Pines of Fruitport

Beautiful gifts & gals at Under the Pines!
Beautiful gifts & gals at Under the Pines!

Valentines Day Special Gift Baskets  under-the-pines-val-day-2-14-09-21

under-the-pines-val-day-2-14-09-31Pretty drawstring bags with our product tucked inside or soaps with soap dishes and sisal bags tied together with a ribbon make nice little presents for friends and family.

under-the-pines-val-day-2-14-09Try our handcrafted soaps in the following aromas: Patchouli and Sweet Orange, Lavender & Tea Tree, Lemongrass & Coconut, Lacy Lavender. All of our soaps have 10% shea butter added to help fight that winter “dry” skin. All of the above soaps have matching body butters, wonderful for moisturizing feet, knees, elbows, cuticles and hands. Also try our new Triple Tree soap.
This soap is made with corn mint, spearmint, peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Leaves your skin with that fresh tingly feeling. Nice assortment of hand crafted bath and body products and essential oils. Hand crafted dog soap and paw pad balm too!
Bee and Botanicals of Spring Lake
Lavender dryer bags, floral and woodsy sachets, hand crafted cards and gift tags. *New for kitty-organic catnip toys : x )
Brittanie’s Thyme
Nancy Schaap with her great all organic body care items.


Brittanie’s Thyme is listed at Coop America ( and Safe Cosmetics (, two entities who patrol the authenticity and safety of organic products.

brittanies-thyme-val-day-2-14-09We are also making plans to become USDA certified organic very soon.

Imagination to Creation Jewelry of North Muskegon


Patti with her Valentines Day special sets!

eileen-peterson-creature-comforts-2-14-09Creature Comforts of Grand Haven
Owner Eileen Petersen has been quilting for family & friends for over 25 years and now offers her hand-made quilted items at Sweetwater. All Creature Comforts items are hand-made from soft pre-washed cotton. This week, in addition to the baby quilts and soft blocks Eileen will have some eco-friendly 100% cotton cloth napkins for adults and children (great for lunch boxes).

flynn-sochon-pottery-2-14-091Sochon & Halona Pottery of Twin Lake
Transplanted to Michigan just two years ago from Chicago, Sweetwater welcomes husband & wife team Flynn Sochon and Halona Gustin! Flynn holds both a B.S. and M.S. degree in Ceramics from Illinois State University. He has given many workshops, seminars, and demonstrations throughout the region, and has taught at Flatland Pottery for 30 years. His works can be found in corporate and private collections in China, Japan, Germany, Israel, France, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the U.S.


Bluegrass Returns to Market!

Bluegrass Returns to the Market!
Bluegrass Returns to the Market!

The bluegrass musicians known collectively as Front Porch PIckin’ will return to the market this Saturday to entertain all with more great olde time music!This weeks musicians include: Merials Kitchen (Thom, Wyatt, and the Sorensons) with Jo Ann Windberg, Bill, Donna and Jeff on backup. Come enjoy the music from 10:00 to 12:30. Market opens at 9:00am.